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Cardas Ayre Acoustics Burn-In CD Irrational But Efficacious

Cardas Ayre Acoustics Burn-In CD Irrational But Efficacious

This disc is designed to enhance the listening enjoyment of your audio system. Consisting of 7 tracks, the main tool is the final track; a five minute glide tone, that when played through your system at a moderate listening volume, will improve your system's sound. The theory, as we understand it, is that this sweep will demagnetize residual fields that build up in your components over time, similar to the sweep function on the Cardas Sweep LP.

We recommend playing the last track (or even the whole disc) on a periodic basis, at least once a week for best effect. The full glide-tone track is conveniently placed at the end of the disc, so that it can be easily played even if the system is unattended. The other tracks have more specialized functions:

Track 1 is a 45 second version of the glide track, for a quick performance boost

Track 2 is White Noise, random full spectrum noise, used to speed burn-in of a component and to determine proper phase

Track 3 is Pink Noise, random noise with equal emphasis on each band of the audio spectrum, great for making sure your checking midrange phase and also for burning in drivers

Track 4 is Brown Noise, random noise with an emphasis on the midrange and lower octaves, for burning in midrange and bass drivers or checking bass integration / rattles in your room

Track 5 is Mono Brown Noise, this time summed to mono. This is a very useful track when you're trying to integrate a high quality subwoofer into your audio system, simply flip the phase on your sub and find the position where your sub makes the least bass, flip the phase back and you're set!

Track 6 is Out of Phase Brown Noise, both channels are out of phase with each other. Similar to the two previous tracks, the Brown Noise on this track allows for quick acoustic cancellation. E.g. burning in your speakers at higher volumes without thundering your house to the ground

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