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Magnum Opus: The Mind of Mystery Home Study Course

Magnum Opus: The Mind of Mystery Home Study Course

Follow a step-by-step blueprint that finally takes you through the critical, but surprisingly simple steps of building a love life almost on autopilot. (the time that you spend to build your lifestyle will fly by, as Mystery and his team take you by the hand and help you get women you want in your life (and in your bed.)

DVD 01:

Social Cybernetics
Social Cybernetics 01 - Social Dynamics
Social Cybernetics 02 - Introduction to Microcalibration
Social Cybernetics 03 - Microcalibration: Comfort Building <51:39)
Social Cybernetics 04 - Calibrating The Kiss and Game Mapping
Social Cybernetics 05 - Delivery and Body Rocking

DVD 02:

Video Brain Transplant
Seminar 01
Seminar 02
Seminar 03
Seminar 04
Seminar 05
Seminar 06
Seminar 07
Seminar 08
Seminar 09

DVD 03:

The Holy Grail

DVD 04:

Bonus 01 - Amoging (Handling the Alpha Male)
Bonus 02 - Opening a Seated Two Set
Bonus 03 - Sexual Escalation and Locking In
Bonus 04 - Kino Techniques
Bonus 05 - Kino Escalation
Bonus 06 - Wing Rules and handling Interrupts

The big seduction product event of the year is imminent. It is, of course, The Mind of Mystery Home Study Course from Venusian Arts. It is a substantial 21 DVDs, 13 CDs plus workbook course with high expectation and a high price-tag.

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