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iPexpert's Cisco CCIE Datacenter Lab Video on Demand
Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate VPP 2013
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iPexpert's Cisco CCIE Data Center Lab Video on Demand :: Next Generation

Delivered in crystal clear high-definition format, watch and listen along as our instructors lecture, whiteboards and configures these various technologies and protocols.

This extremely thorough video course is delivered by three of the industry's most respected techincal instructors; Jason Lunde (Dual CCIE - Data Center and R&S), Terry Vinson (Dual CCIE - Data Center and R&S) and Rick Mur (Quad CCIE - Data Center, Storage, R&S and Service Provider). You're able to get the perspective and explanation on these topics from several different instructors, which will aid in your understanding of these complex technologies and protocols.

Our Cisco CCIE Data Center VoD :: Next Generation material contains lectures and demos on all of the topics seen on the blueprint. This course is broken into four primary modules (NX-OS, Storage, UCS and 1000v) and contains over 82 hours of content.. In addition to the technical aspect of our course, our VoD will provide invaluable tips on lab strategy and test preparation techniques maximizing the potential to pass the CCIE Data Center lab.

As an iPexpert student, you'll receive our commitment that all content updated on a regular basis. All updates and additions are instantly made available to you at no additional cost.
NX-OS Lectures / Demos

NXOS Layer2 (by: Jason Lunde)
NXOS Layer 2 - FEX (by: Jason Lunde)
Lab & Nexus 7000 overview 00:30 (by: Rick Mur)
Virtual Device Contexts 00:49 (by: Rick Mur)
Hardware & Software Overview 00:22 (by: Rick Mur)
Layer 2 switching 00:31 (by: Rick Mur)
SPAN & ERSPAN 00:08 (by: Rick Mur)
NXOS-Layer 3 (by: Jason Lunde)
Layer 3: OSPF, EIGRP and BFD 01:11 (by: Rick Mur)
Layer 3: HSRP & VRRP 00:12 (by: Rick Mur)
VPC (by: Jason Lunde)
Active-Active FEX (by:Jason Lunde)
Port-Channels 00:28 (by: Rick Mur)
Fabric Extension 00:33 (by: Rick Mur)
Virtual Port Channels Part 1 00:48 (by: Rick Mur)
Virtual Port Channels Part 2 01:01 (by: Rick Mur)
FabricPath (by: Jason Lunde)
FabricPath 00:58 (by: Rick Mur)
FabricPath Demo 00:51 (by: Rick Mur)
OTV (by: Jason Lunde)
OTV Theory 00:48 (by: Rick Mur)
OTV Demo 01:19 (by: Rick Mur)

Storage Networking Lectures / Demos

Storage Basics (by: Jason Lunde)
Storage - Cont. (by: Jason Lunde)
Fiber Channel Theory 01:26 (by: Rick Mur)
MDS Oversubscription 00:14 (by: Rick Mur)
Fibre Channel Demo 00:26 (by: Rick Mur)
NPV & NPIV 00:25 (by: Rick Mur)
Fiber Channel Security (by: Jason Lunde)
FC Security 00:47 (by: Terry Vinson)
Port Security 00:30 (by: Rick Mur)
Fabric Binding 00:03 (by: Rick Mur)
FC-SP 00:14 (by: Rick Mur)
IP Storage (by: Jason Lunde)
FCIP 00:46 (by: Rick Mur)
iSCSI 00:38 (by: Rick Mur)
iSLB 00:38 (by: Rick Mur)
FCoE (by: Jason Lunde)
FCoE 00:45 (by: Rick Mur)
FCoe & EvPC 00:08 (by: Rick Mur)
Storage VDC (by: Jason Lunde)
Storage VDC 00:22 (by: Rick Mur)

Data Center Virtualization / 1000v Lectures / Demos

Nexus 1000V 00:57 (by: Rick Mur)
Nexus 1000V Demo 00:23 (by: Rick Mur)
Nexus 1000V Demo 2 00:33 (by: Rick Mur)
Lab strategy 00:13 (by: Rick Mur)
Nexus 1000V Lab strategy 00:10 (by: Rick Mur)
Nexus QoS 00:17 (by: Rick Mur)

Unified Computing System (UCS) Lectures / Demos

UCS-Uplinks (by: Jason Lunde)
UCS-Basics (by: Jason Lunde)
UCS - MGMT (by: Jason Lunde)
UCS Hardware 00:30 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS Chassis Discovery 00:24 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS LAN Uplinks 00:13 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS Disjoint Layer 2 00:16 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS Blade Networking 00:57 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS FC Uplinks 00:04 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS LAN & SAN Uplink Demo 00:36 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS Server Demo 00:02 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS Service Profiles Theory 00:27 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS Pools 00:13 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS LAN & SAN Policies 00:09 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS vNIC and vHBA Templates 00:08 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS Server Policies 00:14 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS Boot Policies 00:26 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS Service Profile Template 00:04 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS Adapter Placement 00:12 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS Service Profile Template #2 00:19 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS System Architecture 00:52 (by: Rick Mur)
Fabric Interconnect Ethernet Overview 00:25 (by: Rick Mur)
Lab Exam Introduction 00:09 (by: Rick Mur)
Disjoint Layer 2 00:17 (by: Rick Mur)
Fibre Channel Overview 00:29 (by: Rick Mur)
Fabric Extenders Overview 00:17 (by: Rick Mur)
Mezzanine Overview 00:19 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS Demo System init and Networking 00:54 (by: Rick Mur)
Demo Disjoint Layer 2 00:11 (by: Rick Mur)
Demo QoS 00:13 (by: Rick Mur)
Demo vNICs 00:20 (by: Rick Mur)
Demo Fibre Channel 00:11 (by: Rick Mur)
Demo NPV mode 00:05 (by: Rick Mur)
Demo Adapter Fex 00:05 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS Disjoint Layer 2 #2 00:17 (by: Rick Mur)
Server Initialization 00:27 (by: Rick Mur)
Templates Pools Policies 00:11 (by: Rick Mur)
Demo Pools 00:26 (by: Rick Mur)
Templates 2 00:04 (by: Rick Mur)
Demo Server Policies 00:42 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS Demo Network Policies 00:09 (by: Rick Mur)
Demo Fibre Channel Policies 00:16 (by: Rick Mur)
Demo Service Profiles 00:23 (by: Rick Mur)
Demo Boot from SAN 00:40 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS Re-cap Boot from SAN 00:20 (by: Rick Mur)
iSCSI boot 01:08 (by: Rick Mur)
iSCSI demo 01:08 (by: Rick Mur)
iSCSI demo Part 2 00:34 (by: Rick Mur)
Management Protocols 00:28 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS Server Boot 00:21 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS LDAP Authentication (by: Rick Mur)
UCS Role Based Access 00:13 (by: Rick Mur)
RADIUS 00:17 (by: Rick Mur)
LDAP / AD 00:27 (by: Rick Mur)
Organizations 00:20 (by: Rick Mur)
Software Upgrades 00:38 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS 2.1 00:09 (by: Rick Mur)
2.1 FCoE Uplinks 00:28 (by: Rick Mur)
2.1 VLAN Groups 00:06 (by: Rick Mur)
2.1 Misc features 00:24 (by: Rick Mur)
2.1 FC Zoning 00:19 (by: Rick Mur)
UCS Lab Strategy 01:13 (by: Rick Mur)

Application Networking Services Lectures / Demos

Introduction to ACE
ACE-base configuration Demo

iPexpert's Cisco CCIE Datacenter Lab Video on Demand

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