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TTC: Masters of Photography

TTC: Masters of Photography

Taught By Multiple Professors


24 lectures | 31 minutes per lecture
Photography is an art. We may all take pictures-now more than ever-but to rise above the level of a snapshot, you need to go beyond shooting and hoping for the best. You need to actually understand what you're doing and anticipate the results.

The best way to learn any art form, including the art of photography, is by watching a master artist at work. By observing the creative process of a photographer who has truly mastered the trade, you can gain rich insight into how to approach your own images, boost your confidence as you work, and improve your photographs by learning skills that are rarely shared or taught in an ordinary classroom.

Now, in National Geographic Masters of Photography-24 lectures taught by 12 top National Geographic photographers-you gain unparalleled access to some of the world's greatest photographers. Through our partnership with National Geographic, the gold standard of photography for more than a century, we are able to collaborate with some of the organization's most talented photographers. As a result, we have brought together a dozen world-class experts for this one-of-a-kind instructional series that will forever change the way you approach photography.

National Geographic Masters of Photography goes inside the creative process of the industry's most sought-after photographers as they reveal their working methods, from the planning stages of an assignment through the painstaking execution. Across 24 fascinating lessons, each professional uses his or her vast body of work documenting exotic locales around the world, as well as riveting stories of life in the field, to illustrate points and share invaluable expertise. As you explore their craft in units on Adventure, Wildlife, Landscape and Nature, People, Color and Light, and Storytelling, your guides take you far beyond Photography 101 territory into ground you'd never cover elsewhere-short of landing an apprenticeship with a photographer of this caliber. These lessons also touch on fundamental concepts of lighting, composition, and using your camera, but they're truly designed to help you learn to see as top professionals do, and to ultimately discover your own personal vision.

1 Redefine Adventure (Adventure)
2 Broaden Your View (Adventure)
3 Show What No One Has Shown (Adventure)
4 Set the Scene, Get Close (Adventure)
5 Understand the Animal (Wildlife)
6 Use All the Tools (Wildlife)
7 Make a Difference (Wildlife)
8 Go Back, Get It Right (Wildlife)
9 The Joys of Nature (Landscape)
10 Exploring Landscapes (Landscape)
11 Guide the Eye (Landscape)
12 Moment in Landscape (Landscape)
13 Gaining Trust (People)
14 Uncover the Human Condition (People)
15 Build Relationships (People)
16 Use the Background (People)
17 Good, Bad, and Magic Light (Color & Light)
18 Wait and Work the Shot (Color & Light)
19 Compose with Color (Color & Light)
20 Write with Light (Color & Light)
21 50 Years of Telling Stories (Storytelling)
22 Moment, Gesture, Place (Storytelling)
23 Engaging the World (Storytelling)
24 Raising Awareness (Storytelling)

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