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Perfect Meditation - Levels 1-13

Perfect Meditation - Levels 1-13

Product Description:
The Perfect Meditation program is a most powerful tool for dramatically empowering whatever self development aspirations you have. The stimulus delivered by the Perfect Meditation program expands the mind by a massive degree over time, by familiarizing ordinary waking consciousness with the deepest brainwaves states achievable. Without the Perfect Meditation program those states are extremely difficult to generate even with 30 years of solid daily meditation practice.

The results of regular listening are that inhibiting mental blocks are dwarfed and a catalytic platform for you to develop whatever qualities or personal growth aspirations you might have is developed. You also achieve the kind of power in the mind that is necessary in order to penetrate reality with the ultimate view in a relatively easy and short period of time.

Support Material:
Included are some files that the seller provided with the main product. These include --
ebook explaining the "Liberation Technique" put out by the Perfect Meditation people.
small book of "37 Practices of Bodhisattvas"
small book of the Four Seals of Buddhism
audio talks from Lam Rim
video lectures from Lester Levenson
audio from John Sherman
transcripts of talks from Geshe Doga - a study group of Bodhicharyavatara
a few additional inspiring and insightful video clips.
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