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AWAI - Masters Program 3.0 for Six Figure Copywriting
AWAI - Masters Program 3.0 for Six Figure Copywriting [194 files]
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This is a treasure trove of copywriting gold. It is an $1150 program and worth every penny. Go through it in order, and let us know how it is going. It is hard work because you are undoing bad habits, and learning new habits. There are plenty of testimonials from people that greatly improved their billing by making changes to their methods as they went through the course. Read the syllabus to get the scope of the program. MY HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION

Here's the syllabus:

Module 1: Writing Concepts
Unit 1.A: The Road to Copywriting Success
?? Why Do Some Copywriters Get Rich, While Others Don?t? (Video)
Unit 1.B: Rule of One
?? Copywriting Master Class: The Power of One (Video)
?? The Rule of One ?" One Big Idea (PDF)
Unit 1.C: Know Your Prospect
?? ??Just Three Things??: Everything You Need to Know to Unlock the Customer Mind (Video)
?? The Master Key to a Successful Promotion: Building a 3-D Image of Your Prospect (PDF)
Unit 1.D: Prospect Awareness
?? Unlocking the ??Blockbuster?? Formula: The Shortest Path to Copy That Works (Video)
?? Direct or Indirect? Don?t Lose Your Prospect by Saying Too Much ... or Too Little (PDF)
Unit 1.E: The Big Idea
?? Recognizing and Developing the Big Idea (Video)
?? The Big Idea (PDF)
Unit 1.F: The Golden Thread
?? Just What is ??The Golden Thread??? (PDF)
?? The Golden Thread: A Finely Tuned Technique for Developing Strong Copy (PDF)
Unit 1.G: Clarity in Writing
?? Flesch-Kincaid: The Secret Weapon of the World?s Greatest Copywriters (PDF)
?? 7 Fundamentals of Good Writing ?" Learn the Rules and When to Break Them (Video)
?? Clarity Checklist (PDF)
?? Clarity and Successful Copy (Video)
?? ??Is the first reaction to your message ?" HUH??? (Video)
?? Creating Powerful and Energetic Sales Letters with Strong Editing (PDF)

Module 2: Principles and Structure of Selling
Unit 2.A: Developing a Marketing Mindset
?? How to Enhance Your Copywriter Skills by Developing a Marketing Mindset (PDF)
Unit 2.B: Elements of Effective Sales Copy
?? The Secret of the Four P?s (PDF)
Unit 2.C: Four-Legged Stool
?? Building a Rock Solid Promotion: The Four-Legged Stool (PDF)
?? The Four-Legged Stool (Video)
?? 11 Ways to Demolish Sales Resistance (PDF)
Unit 2.D: The Four U?s
?? The Secret of the Four U's: Fast Mastery of Headlines & Bullets (PDF)
Unit 2.E: Indirection
?? The Secret of Indirection (Video)
?? Categorical Imperative (Special PDF Report)
Unit 2.F: Transparency
?? The Secret of Transparency (Video)
?? The Master Secret of Transparency (PDF)

Module 3: Crafting Great Sales Letters
Unit 3.A: Core Complex
?? The Easiest Copywriting Lesson ... And the Hardest to Follow (PDF)
?? Creating Irresistible Copy: The Secret of the Core Buying Emotion (PDF)
?? Beyond Fear and Greed ?" Core Complex (Video)
?? Fear and Greed: Two Overrated Emotions (PDF)
Unit 3.B: Emotions, Velvet Cord, Barstool Test
?? Your ??Unfair Advantage??: Three Power-Packed Insider Secrets Even Most Masters Don?t Know (PDF)
Unit 3.C: The Surest Way to Create Intimacy
?? Identifying the Enemy (PDF)
Unit 3.D: Keeping Your Reader Engaged
?? The Big Prediction (PDF)
Unit 3.E: Headlines
?? Mastering the Headline Maze (Video)
?? Headline Secrets: Tricks the Masters Use to Make Millions (PDF)
?? Headline Checklist: A Tool to Make Your Headlines Compelling (PDF)
Unit 3.F: Leads
?? The Lead: 80% of the Power of Your Sales Message including 11-Point Checklist (PDF)
?? What Your Lead Must Do (Video)
?? Establishing Urgency, Timeliness, & Tone (Video)
Unit 3.G: Offer & Close
?? The Secrets Behind ??Sealing the Deal:?? The Offer & Close (Video)
?? The Fourth P: Mastering the Push (PDF)
?? Just One Thing: The Only Way to Make Your Offer Sing (Video)
?? The Power of the Offer (PDF)
?? Secrets of a Master: What You Can Do as a Copywriter When It Comes to Writing Offers (PDF)

Module 4: Advanced Online Copywriting
Unit 4.A: Mastering the Online Opportunity
?? Million-Dollar Web Copy Secrets Revealed (Audio)
?? Web Writing Opportunities (PDF)
?? 7 Secrets of Successful Online Copywriting (PDF)
?? Getting Your Email-Envelope Opened (Video)
Unit 4.B: Writing Web Pages
?? Improve Your Copywriting Skills ... 7 Ways to Improve the Copy on the Next Web Page You Write (PDF)
?? 7 Ways to Optimize the Performance of Your Home Page (PDF)
?? 5 Tips for Writing Sales Letters that Sell Online (PDF)
Unit 4.C: Specialties within the Web World
?? To Get Ahead as an Online Copywriter You Need to Develop Your Expertise in Social Media Right Now (PDF)
?? The Power of Successful Search Engine Copywriting (PDF)
?? Why Keyphrases are Your Friend (PDF)
Unit 4.D: Successful Video Sales Letters
?? 17-Step Process for Creating Million Dollar Video Sales Letters (Video and PDF)
Unit 4.E: Landing and Keeping Web Clients
?? How to Land and Price the Hottest Web Writing Projects (Video)
?? Easy Keys for Overcoming Click-Outs and Shortened Attention Spans (Video)

Module 5: The Copywriting Masters
Unit 5.A: Pioneering Masters of Copywriting
?? Pioneering Copywriters Who Changed Advertising Forever (PDF)
?? The Book of Advertising Tests (PDF)
Unit 5.B: Contemporary Masters of Copywriting
?? David Ogilvy: The Man Behind the Man in the Hathaway Shirt (PDF)
?? Gene Schwartz: Secrets of the World?s Greatest Copywriter (PDF)
?? Martin Edelston: Cultivating Your Inner Genius (PDF)
?? Ted Nicholas: Billion Dollar Marketing Secrets (Video)
?? Interview with Master Copywriter Kent Komae (Video)
?? Interview with Master Copywriter Mark Everett Johnson (Video)
?? Interview with Master Copywriter Brian Kurtz (Video)
?? Boardroom Copywriters on the Career of Dick Benson (Audio)
?? Dan Kennedy: How to Raise Yourself to High Demand and High Income as a Pro Copywriter (Video)
?? Herschell Gordon Lewis: Analysis of a Control ?" The Native American Heritage Association (Video)
?? Bill Bonner: What to Do Before You Write (Video)
?? Interview with Master Copywriter Mark Ford (Video)

Module 6: Focus and Inspiration
Unit 6.A: Building Your Confidence
?? Erasing Self Doubt ... Overcoming the Biggest Obstacle to Your Success (PDF)
?? 18 Gems for Persuasive Writers ... and More! (PDF)
?? Turning ??Not this Time?? into Success (PDF)
?? Building Your Personal Support Network: The Copywriter?s Ultimate Shortcut to Success (PDF)
Unit 6.B: Setting Goals
?? Inspired Marketing: The Astonishing New Way to Achieve Staggering Success (Video)
Unit 6.C: Finding Your Voice
?? Finding a Winning ??Voice?? for Your Copy (PDF)
?? Ask the Masters: Finding a Winning Tone, Style, and Voice for Your Copy (Audio)
?? Staring at the Blank Page ... A-Listers Reveal How to Beat Writer?s Block (PDF)
Unit 6.D: Attracting Clients
?? Attract Great Clients with the Niche Approach (Video)
Unit 6.E: Planning for Your Freelance Business
?? The Profitable Freelancer: Building a Profitable Freelance Writing Business (Video)

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