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Dear truth seeking friend,

If you抳e been a seeker of wealth and your own ever illusive 慔oly Grail?for any length of time, I抦 sure you抳e come across many 搒ecret wealth information?books and programs that claim to deliver or attract wealth and financial and life freedom ?freedom from bosses and DEBT, struggle and suffering, dependence on jobs, schooling ?to every negative financial condition..

You may already have discovered ?to your dismay ?that those books and programs seldom live up to their claims and promises. While some of these do offer honest but misguided information, some are deliberately deceptive. They often make misleading promises that might prove to be more financially dangerous in wealth and livelihood than beneficial to those who struggle financially due to the lies and constant mystification of money and wealth perpetuated by society.

If you have set out to create and maintain true wealth for yourself and your loved ones these are 3 of the most important questions to ponder:

Do you ever wonder how some people seem to almost luckily 搒tumble?upon money without really working hard while you try various methods to strategically get ahead in life but seem to wind up right back where you started?

Do you ever wonder if financial freedom, success, wealth abundance or just plain getting rich is only for certain people and that maybe (for reasons unknown) you just don抰 fall into that select group?

Perhaps at this point in your life you抮e starting to think that a life worry-free of money is simply the destiny that awaits certain people while a life of poverty awaits others?

Well if you answered yes any of these, there are GOOD NEWS! SO, I suggest you shut your cell phone off, close out your e-mail and invest the next 5 minutes reading every single word on this page because what I抦 about to share with you just might truly change your life as it did for me.

Here抯 just a small sample of some of the phenomenal, hard-to-find, virtually unknown, but proven wealth creation breakthroughs that almost no one knows about ?even some well known prosperity teachers and coaches:
Money Is Just An Illusion, A Shadow Of Something Else. The first step to having wealth is to know what it is. And few people know what it really is, in and of itself. What is wealth? What causes it? What causes the cause of it? It all starts with money, the world抯 symbol of wealth. But then things must move deeper than money for you to even begin to understand wealth in financial terms, the same way the truly wealthy understands it. Understand that money is just a shadow?(See pp. 9-15, Audios 1,2)
Images Of Your Mind Are Directing Your Life: The Blueprints Of Life. The force of life takes instructions and turns them into things and new moments out of the quantum energy field. What type of instructions does Life take so that it may create each new moment in your day? In what format and specifications? Well science and creation have been discovered to have never been separate to begin with. And either consciously or unconsciously it is images of the mind that each and every wealth person uses to create wealth for themselves and those around them?(See pp. 49-56, Audio 8.)
慙evel Confusion.?Level Confusion can be the reason you have yet to reach the wealth consciousness levels you desire. A lot of suffering and 慺ailure?comes from level confusion. What are the levels? They are Being, Thought, Word, Action, Physical Form (Body). When we say Body, I don抰 just mean your body, I mean all physical things, including your body. Well level confusion has been finally identified and reversed so that all levels work together for real wealth consciousness and creation? (See step 7, Audio 8.)
What Can Never Save You Permanently And What Can. Have you noticed how your situations keep repeating themselves until you undergo a major breakthrough? For example, some people are always having money problems. When they fix one, sometime later another crops up and with some people it抯 relationship problems. As much as this has been addressed by many experts for years, it hasn抰 been until recently that this 憆eplay?inner-mechanism has been successfully able to be 憆eset?for permanent change?(See step 10, Audio 11)
Money: How To Use The Symbol, Its Deepest Secrets And How You Fit In Finally Revealed. Money is not the real thing; it is only a symbol of the real wealth inside you. Even though money is not the real thing, we still need to know how to use money. It is a full circle, a full cycle. It is the end of many other things that make up wealth consciousness, but it is the beginning of the experiencing of wealth consciousness as material wealth. Money is a symbol of wealth and the beginning of the experiencing of wealth, so that we may know how wealth tastes like experientially?(See p. 211, Audios 39,40,41,42)

For now, lets briefly get back to that 憇elect group?of seemingly lucky 慶ertain few?who seem to have all the wealth they wish for; well, the truth of the matter is that if you are not part of that select group, your chances of achieving financial abundance are not only impossible but every attempt that you make to get rich and acquire wealth will result in you losing even more money.

And isn抰 that what we hear all the time? 揟hat in order to succeed, you must take action? Or how about 揟he key to success is having your goals written down.?br />
Or my personal favorite, 搒kip the lattes (or, insert favorite treat here) and invest the money instead, so that in 30 years from now, you have some money put away.?Wait, what??!

How do I know this? Because at one point in my life, I was a frustrated member of the 揹oomed?crowd (for lack of a better term). I抳e only done all of those things and still failed miserably.

And as far as the latte thing goes; I don抰 know about you but I want to achieve wealth nownot in 30 years from now. And I certainly don抰 believe that the key to wealth is giving up your daily visit to your favorite coffee house.

I抦 sure Sir Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Bill Gates and the rest of them drink whatever kind of coffee they like.

My point is that I had tried everything and either failed or wound up with even less money than I had every time I tried something that was supposed to be the 搆ey to massive financial abundance and freedom.?You know, the 憇hinny object syndrome?where we go after everything that woos us with promise of a better life?

First Off, To Answer A Common Question Likely Circulating In Your Mind Now; Getting Rich And Acquiring True Wealth IS Only For A Select Group Of People ?It Has Been Since Ancient Times?br />
But, that抯 OK, because this select group of people which represents only about 3% of the world抯 population are not selected by anything or anyone outside of themselves. They are the selectors, not the selected.

This means that anything I offer you here today, or anyone anywhere else offers you, will not itself make you wealthy, or a millionaire. Sound like a bad thing? Well this is actually great news, no, it抯 amazing news!

Why? Well, since all humans are created with unlimited potential, then any of us can select to be part of that 憇elect group,?at will! The key is to develop the same consciousness and skills in the area of wealth. In other words ?a wealth consciousness.
Did You Know?: The word Elite comes from the Latin elire, meaning 搕o choose,?from which we also get the modern Spanish word meaning the same, elegir.
Expecting any piece of information or any other external thing to itself change who you are is like falling back on the false belief I mentioned earlier; that there is some power somewhere giving preference to some lucky people and showing total disregard and abandonment for some other 憉nworthy?souls. But only when the right information is composed to engage, enlighten and reveal your dormant self to your waken, then you naturally merge with the message, becoming one with and truly benefiting from it.

Stay with me through the end of this page and that is exactly what you抣l finally be able to experience once and for all?br />
Anyway, here抯 where it all takes an interesting twist; You see, many of those in the top 3% of the truly wealthy and free have throughout history been a very well-meaning group. The problem was that not all have always been conscious of the exact reasons they or their families were part of that elite 3% who own 99% of the entire amount of wealth in the world

They knew they were blessed and were even grateful for their place in society, but they were unaware of the real but unconscious reasons responsible for putting them there. Sadly, like the rest of humanity they too subscribed to what most believed and still do; that a greater power must favor them over others and therefore they must be part of a holier, exclusive, chosen group. Unfortunately that is just how they抳e thought for centuries.

Some did eventually discover the truth and the real, learnable-by-all, universal laws at work which led them and their families to their elite status. So they studied, worked hard to mastered what they discovered. They documented and shared with others of equal status in society. They developed methods to teach this knowledge to others of similar social status so they would all create even greater wealth for themselves and each other.

Many were elated that they had discovered the real reasons behind their fortunes and ideal lives. For the first time, they actually knew that they were in control. For the first time ever, humans realized that if attaining wealth and life freedom was a matter of learning actual skills, then those skills could be taught to others. They actually held the keys to the freedom of the masses and even the entire planet from the poverty and pain and suffering that plagued humanity.

I know that all this may not be ground breaking news for you, but what I am going to share with you in a moment something Guaranteed to be the exact proven information and path used by history抯 (and today抯) most notable wealth creators to create great wealth, consciously or unconsciously, in all areas of life for themselves and those around them. But first please read on ?there抯 more?br />But Why Was This Ancient Life-&-Wealth-Freeing Knowledge Kept From Humanity AND You Since Almost The Moment It Was Discovered?
I抦 sure you抮e asking yourself ?if these discoveries are indeed such amazing 揵reakthroughs?and 搒kills?that can really be taught to anyone and can really offer anyone on earth truly fulfilled lives through Life & Wealth Freedom?alleviate the suffering and financial bondage of the masses ?why weren抰 you taught it in school, the media and by your caretakers? Here抯 why:

Your caretakers, parents, guardians, etc. simply didn抰 know. They could not give you something they didn抰 already have, something that wasn抰 given to them by their own parents. Surely we can agree that in most cases and likely in yours too, if your parents knew for sure there was a sure skill to have true Life & Wealth Freedom, they would have given that to you without a second thought.

In fact, they did give you what they knew. And in my case and likely yours too, well meaning as they were, this consisted of information that led you to the same mistaken path to wealth that the rest of the masses were taught; hard work, sacrifice, suffering, employment, not to rattle the establishment and hope for the best. In other words, slavery.

The media and school play a huge part too. But these days much of the media companies and those politicians who eventually decide what schools are going to teach, also get their curricula and scripts from higher and departmentalized levels of command that even they don抰 really know exactly where it all originates.

And this brings us to the MAIN REASON why you never hear about these discoveries in the mainstream?br />
These discoveries have been suppressed, literally buried, a reason for assassinations and deliberately kept away from you and humanity since the day they were discovered.

To see why some have committed terrible acts against humanity in order to keep this information from reaching the masses, we have to go back to the time when the 3% discovered that Life & Wealth Freedom was a matter of skill, and not a matter of higher-power selection.

As they went on making new discoveries about this new God-like ability to create in their own lives, some became very eager to share and teach this to the masses. They envisioned a world in which everyone on earth could live in prosperity and peace. A world free of injustice, envy and greed ?a true paradise. And yes, this information can absolutely be used not only for this purpose, but to do the same for you and in your life!

Unfortunately, this vision of freedom was not shared and agreed with by everyone in the 3%. They did not totally understand the unlimited, abundant nature of this power and did not trust its ability to support all of humanity. They combined their already warped theories of power and elite status to mean that this new knowledge was proof their theories were correct. They thought; 搃f I am already in this elite position above most of mankind, then this knowledge must be used by those of the same elite status to acquire more wealth and keep the masses in the dark.?br />
Others who didn抰 quite understand the message either, still believed that lack and limitation were imposed upon the unfortunate. They thought it was dangerous and irresponsible to enlighten mankind with this knowledge because in their minds there simply was not enough wealth to go around for everyone on earth. They believed that like them, the masses would acquire great wealth and cause those who already had wealth to lose it. Believing this they figured power would just change hands, since there just wasn抰 enough for everyone.

But as you抣l learn from the Life & Wealth Freedom Pack; abundance is unlimited and itself abundant ?meaning there is an abundance of everything, including lack. And because of this lack-consciousness so many never break away from the abundance-of-lack they receive. But more on this later.

Sadly, those who opposed this secret be released to the masses used violence, deception, war, persecution, ridicule and anything they had to use, in order to ensure mankind would never be revealed the key to Life & Wealth Freedom. Needless to say that times got even rougher for mankind and for many centuries we抳e experienced very dark times here on earth.

>>>Fast forward to today: Humans are now more connected with each other than any other time in history. Thanks to new technological advances in communications, information cannot be kept from the masses. Some governments and religions still censor and control the information shared by those they rule over, but lets just say that the western and developing worlds keep a closer eye on their would be censors and oppressors, although we still have a long ways to go.

Because of all these great advancements in communications and civilization, the old methods of oppression and censorship have become much less effective. Being recently rediscovered, this great knowledge now has a seemingly indestructible infrastructure of distribution and multiplication. The momentum is strong and people just like you are waking in unprecedented numbers all around the globe.

If you抮e ready and feel you抳e had enough of the misinformation, enough of the lack and the limitations and you are finally ready to enjoy and experience the Life & Wealth Freedom that is your birthrightthe same knowledge that has brought much controversy and war to ensure you would never benefit fromusing the same knowledge that抯 been used by that elite 3% consciously and unconsciously to reach their wealthy status ?then it IS your turn!

揑 must tell you that your material, site, and insights are?well I don抰 find the word ?are Life Changing! It抯 like reading and meditating on what we 慳lways?knew but this time in a clearer, focused language. ?such deep spiritual insights into the origin, order, and laws of the Universe. Anyway I am enjoying 揗arcus Aurelius,?and 揜alph Waldo Emerson?at the moment. David If you happen to read this message, Have a Great Day And thank you again for you were the one the hand of Providence chose to send me what I needed to replenish my soul at this time of my life. -Joel Bomane

揂s a member and publisher I have so greatly benefited from your thought processes that my entire life is changing. I am currently working on a major project. At first I was absolutely unsure of the reason for me as a woman to undertake such great task. Later I read a quote by Margaret Thatcher 揑t may be the cock that crows, but it is the hen that lays the eggs? which convinced me marginally. Then your spiritually scientific encouragement changed my life to the degree that I consider myself important enough to actually do it. May you inspire millions with your purpose.?-Ina Bli
So, Who Am I ?And Why Should You Believe Me?

My name is Nelson and a few years back not only was I flat broke, but every single time I put a plan together to get ahead, it completely backfired on me leaving me with less money than I had before I took action to try to change my life. But that抯 not all; aside from my almost 揼ifted ability?to fail at everything I did and lose money, my health then started to deteriorate?br />
At 24 years old, my thyroid began to fail and soon after, I suffered an adverse allergic reaction to the medication that was supposed to make me better which totally destroyed my liver.

And to make a very long and emotional story short; basically one night I went to sleep and woke up days later in a hospital miles away from my home and was told that I just had a life changing liver transplant. Oh yes, this is how I found out I needed a liver transplant, AFTER it had already happened and I woke up with a new liver. Talk about a paradigm shift!

Getting a matching transplant so fast is not common and sadly, most people in my situation do not make it, so I was and still am very blessed.

Time went by and as much as I抎 rather not admit it; as much as I wanted to be grateful for my new gift of life, I actually found myself feeling guilty and becoming even more stressed out by the very concept of not being as grateful as I thought I should beand this just added more to my frustration.

Add to that not having any health insurance and needing around $1300 per month worth of the different transplant rejection medications I must take each day to stay alive. With no steady income at the time, this was a 揷atch 22? and financial abyss that I couldn抰 see my way out of at the time.

Unfortunately we don抰 all enjoy great (or even bad) health insurance here in the United States, even those who need it most. But that抯 a conversation for another time.

It was then that I found myself withdrawing and retreating from friends and family, failing at my sales job and just having a huge gray cloud over me even in the sunniest of days.
But Then, Everything Changed?I Found It! This Was Something That Flipped A Switch Within Me And Changed My Entire Life Around
I began to attract money, perfect health, relationships and opportunities that I never had before. I was finally starting to experience what it was like to live on the other side like all the people whose lives I truly desired.

揝o What Exactly Is The Secret To Transforming My Life Nelson??br />
I know that抯 probably the question that you want an answer for right now so let me explain how all of this works:

The reason why a select group of people experience life on almost magical levels while others fail miserably can be summarized with one word, 慴eing.?These people, either consciously or unconsciously, have changed their 揵eing?

Your 揵eing?is your spiritual structure. If it is aligned with your purpose the way you wish it to, you will live the life that you deeply long for and desire. If it is not, you will experience a life filled with unwanted events.

The only difference between you and those who are actually living the life that they really desire is your spiritual structure, being.

You see, you may already know that you must change your being in order to change your life. But the question is 揌OW??br />
How do you completely change your outlook on life when there is no consistency and some things you try may succeed, but likely, most turn into a failures?

How do you completely change your outlook on life when there is no consistency and some things you try may succeed, but likely, most turn into a failures?
How do you change your spiritual structure when noting goes right?
How and when do you get what you sense is right around the corner when it抯 so easy to start believing that it抯 a vicious cycle that never ends?

You experience failure so you try to change your outlook on life but then something else fails and you just can抰 seem to break the cycle and this, then makes it nearly impossible to change your 揵eing?

And that抯 exactly what was happening to me before I discovered the secret of changing into a real and lasting state of being that truly served me and those around me.

Here抯 how it happened:

You see, most of the knowledge about wealth distribution I discussed above came after I started to relentlessly seek and devour any information about money and wealth creation I could get my hands on. I searched the internet, read countless books and ebooks on money, wealth, law of attraction and anything else that promised to be the answer to acquiring wealth and life freedom.

I found that most that I thought appealed to me, really actually appealed to my ego and the consciousness I had already developed through society抯 teachings about wealth and money.

It was in a moment of desperation and frustration for all my fruitless searching for the key to wealth that always seemed to mock and evade me that I let go. I actually felt for a moment that I might just give up. I was over it. And then, just as if by magic, there it was?br />
I had landed on a website. And you could ask me today how I got to that website and I would be completely honest to tell you that it was just there, on my screen, and that to this day I have no idea what I clicked on or if I clicked on anything. It was just there.

Enter ?the funniest book title I had ever seen; A Happy Pocket Full Of Money by David Gikandi?br />
In a hurry? Click to Get The Life & Wealth Freedom Pack Now.
The Life & Wealth Freedom Pack is Not an Expense?It抯 Money, Wealth and Life by Design Enlightenment That Can Put You on The Natural Path to Life & WEALTH Freedom You Were Born to be On

It has escaped no one抯 attention that our economy ?not just in the United States, but the entire world ?is in miserable shape. Jobs are scarce, businesses are going out of business ?and money is tight for many

So why would you buy what your mind may be trying to convince you is yet another 憄rogram?about wealth ?especially when you抳e probably tried numerous programs, business opportunities, books, or even coaching?

Here抯 why: Although there are countless of books, programs and get-wealthy promises out there that may appear effective, in actuality?br />
well meaning as they are, most of these target your mind (where ideas and concepts live) and are not designed to truly impact you personally and manifest change from your very core!

Yes, it抯 true. Erroneous, inaccurate, poorly researched and recycled factoids, half-truths and 搈arketese?abound in this field ?all passing as life changing wealth information.

Turning to The Life & Wealth Freedom Pack, on the other hand, is not another needless expenditure. Rather, it抯 an investment that will pay for itself many times over.

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