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Lullabot - Drupal Learning Series
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"Lullabot Drupal Learning Series. All current videos in the Lullabot Learning Series."

Understanding Drupal

How content is entered and managed
How users and user permissions are handled
What blocks are and what they can do
The concepts and capabilities of Drupal's powerful module system
How Drupal handles navigation and its menu system
How themes alter the site layout, design, and presentation
Site configuration and administrative messages and settings

Site Building With Drupal

Installing Drupal
Orientation to a new Drupal site
Installing & enabling modules
Building different content types
Creating listing pages
Creating user roles & permissions
Adding taxonomy fields to content
Installing custom themes
Configuring blocks
Strategies for finding modules
Configuring WYSIWYG & Input Formats
Enabling node access & private files
Configuring cron & search
Prepping for launch
Upgrading & updating your Drupal site

Administering Drupal

The content creation process and the different types of content
Assigning roles and permissions
Dealing with problematic users
Organizing content and comments through the taxonomy and menu system
Controlling the look and feel of the site
Basics of Drupal image handling
The differences between the front-end and the back-end
An introduction to the module configuration that drives the functionality of your site
Reports and logs that help you monitor the health of your site
Resources for getting further help

Learning CCK

Introduction & Overview
Content Types in Drupal Core
The Content Construction Kit
Adding a New CCK Field
Text Fields & User Reference
CCK Formatters
How CCK Stores Data
File Field & Node References
Multiple Values & Shared Fields
Options that Change the Database
Additional CCK Modules
Field-Level Permissions
Multiple Value Widgets
Default Values
CCK vs. Taxonomy
Theming CCK

Learning Views

Introduction to Views
Elements of a View
The Views User Interface
Creating a View
Displays & Overrides
Views Arguments
Views Relationships
Exposed Filters & Search
Attachment Displays
Access Control for Views
Case Study Finishing Touches
Exporting Views to a Module
Theming a View
Creating a View of Users
Additional Views Modules
Views Performance Tools

Theming Basics

Overview of Drupal theming
Setting up environment & switching themes
Design-to-theme translation strategies
Theming tools: Firebug & Web Developer
Overview of .info files
Creating a theme & applying CSS
Overview of template files
Creating the page template
Filling out the site & adding regions
Working with node templates
Using the Theme Developer tool
Adding javascript to a theme
Exploring page template variables
Adding a screenshot to your theme

Advanced Theming

Overview of template.php
PHP for themers
Why use template.php?
Adding new template variables
Changing template variables
Overriding theme functions
Theming forms
Rearranging forms
Security tips for themers
Adding theme settings

Drupal Module Development

Module Development Tools
Devel Module
Drupal API Reference
A Tour of Drupal Files
Drupal Hooks & Permissions
Implementing hook_user()
Integrating with the Theme System
Integrating with the Menu System
Using Dynamic Menu Arguments
Introduction to the Database Layer
Inserting Data into the Database
Updating the Database Schema
Forms API Overview
Creating a Drupal Form
Altering Drupal Forms
Writing Secure Code
Contributing Code Back to Drupal
Coding Standards & Applying Patches
Other Notable Drupal Hooks

Introduction to jQuery

What is jQuery?
Introduction to Firebug
Overview of jQuery Concepts
Using jQuery Selectors
jQuery Effects & Animations
jQuery Events
Adding jQuery Scripts
DOM Manipulation with jQuery
DOM Traversing with jQuery
Implementing AJAX with jQuery
Using jQuery Plugins

jQuery and javascript in Drupal

Introduction to jQuery
Adding javascript through a theme
The Macro Maker demonstration module
Adding javascript and variables through a module
Drupal.behaviors and Drupal-specific javascript
Making tables sortable
javascript-related Form API properties
Dynamic forms in Drupal 6: AHAH framework
Ajax framework in Drupal 7
Creating Ajax-enabled links in Drupal 7
Form dependencies with the States System
javascript-related Drupal Contrib Modules


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