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Graffiti Bundle

Graffiti Bundle

PSD, PNG, JPG files | 2.2 Gb


Х 72 Spraypaint: Graffiti scans, Paint splatters, Inks, Grunge textures, Drips

Х 15 Poster Actions: Your color, Poster art, Linography, Pencil style

Х 31 Brush Strokes: Pencil, Marker, Pen, Inks different Brushes.

Х 49 Colorfull Paintsplatters: Scattering drips, dots from printer ink.

Х 44 Grunge textures: Ink, Paint distorted walls.

Х 18 Tags: Modern Gothic, Brush pen, Vandalisers.

Х 38 Ink Fusion: From watercolor in water to ink dissolvations.

Х Stencil Spray paint letters: Full Alphabet. Upper and Lower cases.

Х 3 Layered PSD Examples


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