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2GIS Mobile v.3.12.2 - 3.12.3 + 2GIS Dialer v.0.92 [Android]

2GIS Mobile v.3.12.2 - 3.12.3 + 2GIS Dialer v.0.92 [Android]

2GIS Mobile v.3.12.2 - 3.12.3 + 2GIS Dialer v.0.92 [Android] | 3.19 GB

DoubleGIS is the developer of electronic directories to help users navigate the program with ease in the cities of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Italy and find information fast . Basic information about the companies and enterprises in the directory free of charge. Maps are a professional department 2GIS cartographic production licenses of the Federal Service of Geodesy and Cartography . Total number of users 2GIS on Russia now exceeds 10 million people.

2GIS - it is always up to date and complete information about the city:
- See where the company needs , learn her phone and make a call ;
- Find the right place on the map of the city - at home , or simply stop the known object ;
- Click in any building on the map and find out his address , number of storeys and which organizations are in it ;
- Find all of the required fields of activity , view them on the map and choose the ones that work at a convenient time (for example, right now) ;
- See how to get to your destination by public transport ;
- Detect your location and find out what is next .

On this version of the old database will not work - updated
Installation of these cities :
* Move the data file of the city ( with the extension . Dgdat) on mobile device / Map pamyati/2gisMobile . After starting the shell these cities will be automatically available for work.
* You can create a folder to store the database of cities on the phone or memory card. Copy the data file and when you run the shell use the " Select from File .2 GIS Mobile v.2.2.0 - v.2.4.0
2GIS Mobile v.2.6.0 - v.2.7.2
2GIS Mobile v.2.9.0 - 2.9.1
2GIS Mobile v.2.10.0
2GIS Mobile v.2.11.1
2GIS Mobile v.3.11.0 - 3.11.2

Call in one click. Tie the two versions 2GIS to call in an organization with a smartphone by clicking on the number on the computer.
Entrances to the building. We walked many buildings and learned how to get into any company town. Bypass is not over yet .
Photos . As they say, better to see once
Booklets - clearly on sale . We show planning , infrastructure, and everything you need to know when choosing an apartment .
If all of a sudden you have a smartphone processor from Intel, you will certainly appreciate the increased productivity . And on devices c Full HD images are no longer small .
Chocolate Lovers : 2GIS now compatible with Android 4.4 KitKat.
Bug fixes .

2GIS Dialer
Determination on the basis of incoming numbers 2GIS
Phone search companies for a couple of clicks
Selection of possible contacts by location and calendar events
QWERTY keyboard and T9-
While the application is running and connected to the Internet only based on Android 4.1 +

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