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3DP Net 13.03 Portable

3DP Net 13.03 Portable | 72 Mb

The program automatically detects the installed network card and selects the most suitable new driver. Supports are not connected to the network. If you have all the computer's network card drivers installed and working, get a notification that the computer everything is OK and intervention tools are required. Works fine in 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

Although modern operating systems automatically detect almost all the equipment and installs the necessary drivers, but as always there are exceptions to the law of meanness, usually problems with specific network cards. May learn a vicious circle, to download the right driver to connect to the internet, and to get to the Internet will need a network card. Some will say, what about CD's that come with your computer. Most people do not, or the manufacturers tend, cram drivers for all chips that use (to be sure), then you can spend a lot of time putting all one by one, until at random do not find the right driver. In general, if the network card is not automatically installed, can be interesting and informative to spend time showing incredible cunning and resourcefulness to find the right driver. All these problems can be avoided by using a utility 3DP Net is a one click will install the drivers for network cards, including wireless.

While downloading the program surprised the size of 60 MB, the secret is opened just here packed network card drivers, which can meet the users, for all the latest versions of operating systems. Having started at the beginning of the file will be unpacked files (from the archives), but then the program will run. Important not to forget what folder you unzipped the files to remove after 3DP Net is no longer needed.

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