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Cathode 2.0.2 MacOSX

Cathode 2.0.2 | Mac Os X | 4 MB

Cathode is a graphically rich vintage terminal emulator and it's also a great text editor.

Fully Featured Terminal
Fast and Accurate Emulation
Dynamic Scrollback Buffer
256 Colors
12 Retro Fonts

Great Mac Integration
Drag and Drop Files
Customizable Keyboard
Mouse Copy/Paste
Command-Click to Open URLs
Save/Recall Favorite Commands

Special Effects
Choose from a large collection of themes spanning every era.
Tweak to your heart's content with a dozen real-time sliders.
Effects include screen curvature, burn-in, scan-lines, and transparency.
Glowing halos simulate the human eye's reaction to intense brightness.
Slow down the bitrate like an old modem.

Dirty Details
The quirks of old electronics are charming to the modern eye.
Watch the strange dance of horizontal desyncs and splitting colors.
Turn up the static, jitter, and flicker to add an analog warmth.
Pixels burn-in and slowly fade away when turned off.
Slow-motion retrace lines show the picture being refreshed.

Cathode's many lifelike touches constantly surprise and delight.
Ray tubes burst open in new windows and bounce as they're moved.
Dynamic perspective, lighting, and shadows raise the bar for app visuals.
Customizable sound effects highlight your interactions.
Use an image or webcam photo as glass reflection.

Full-Screen Experience
Immerse yourself and disregard thirty years of user interface progress.
Impress curious onlookers at work, school, or the cafe.
Zoom in on virtual pixels for blocky resolutions.
Works great with multiple monitor setups.
Hide the clutter of modern computing.

But Wait, There's More!
Cathode isn't just a terminal, it's also a great text editor.
Use familiar dialogs, menus, key combos, and gestures.
Open any image file to generate ASCII art.
View your webcam feed as real-time ASCII art.

Mac OS 10.6
iMac, Mac Pro, MacBook Pro:
2007 or newer
MacBook, MacBook Air, Mac mini:
mid-2008 or newer


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