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Altium Designer 10 Update 22 build 10.1271.26245 | 2.25 Gb

The Altium Development team is pleased to announce the 22nd update for Altium Designer which focuses on additional enhancements to Altium Designer, and includes a new feature in the PCB editor for deleting of selected objects, a new IDF Exporter plugin for Output Jobs and more updates to FPGA device and vendor tools support.

This release focuses on additional enhancements to Altium Designer, with the key highlights being:

- Delete selected objects
We have included a new feature in PCB Editor for deleting of selected objects (through the shortcut keys Ctrl+Delete), which then selects adjacent routed objects for further unrouting. When single end-of-route object is selected, Backspace shortcut now deletes selection and auto-selects connected singular route object. Each of these shortcuts can be used in a successive manner to incrementally unwind routed paths.
- New module for output of IDF
This release has the addition of a new plugin “Output - IDF” found in the Output Generators category. This new plugin provides IDF export capability in the OutJob “Export Outputs” section.
- Updated FPGA Device and Vendor Tools Support
Xilinx ISE v14.2 and Lattice Diamond 2.0 are now supported. Ultra and micro fineline ball grid array (UBGA & MBGA) devices have been added to the Altera Cyclone4E Nexus driver.

There are an additional 25 new enhancements included in this release, with many a result of requests made through BugCrunch forum posts and support cases.

Full details of this update can be found in the release notes

About Altium

Altium believes that anyone who wants to make a difference using electronic products should be able to do so. And we help designers do this by giving them everything they need to be able to make this difference. We develop, create and sell electronics design tools – software and development hardware – that unify the entire electronics design process in one application, that is easy to use and as affordable as we can make it. This unified electronics design environment – it's called Altium Designer – is the result of years of development work but is now just one part of AltiumLive, a web-based portal that is the means by which we help professional electronics designers connect people and devices. The two go hand-in-hand. Altium Designer and AltiumLive together create an ecosystem that is greater than the sum of the parts. They bridge the gap that separates the design of a product and how that product is manufactured.

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