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Portable Nikon ViewNX 2

Portable Nikon ViewNX 2 | 54 mb

ViewNX 2 - is a universal software for viewing and editing photos, and videos. Nikon Transfer is included in the two software ViewNX 2 to transfer images to your computer.

ViewNX - a software designed for organizing, sorting, displaying, viewing and editing images, imprinted with digital cameras.
This is the full version of ViewNX 2.3.2 for PCs running on Windows. The software supports all digital SLR cameras from Nikon and all COOLPIX cameras with support for USB.

Special tools for video editing easier transfer of dynamic events and the association of film with images to create an artistic effect. Pictures can be edited in workspaces "Browser», «GeoTag» or "Edit", which are adjusted in accordance with the current task.

A complete software package for easy creation of perfect images and video clips.

Intuitive editing tools allow you to make video clips, starting and ending at the right place, to create images of the selected frames, merge multiple video clips and / or JPEG-files with transition effects and add music.

Three customizable workspaces: instantly switch between workspaces "Browser», GeoTag and "Edit" in accordance with current images. Each workspace supports two monitors for greater convenience.

Key configuration tools: these include cropping, auto-leveling and suppression of the effect of "red eye".
High-performance image correction: improve your image using the controls Sharpness (Sharpness), Contrast (Contrast) and Brightness (Brightness), as well as tools such as Highlight and Shadow Protection (Protection of stray light and shadow), D-Lighting and Color Booster ( Color Enhance) (saturation).
Image Processing RAW (or Nikon NEF) for precise control of the final image. Special tools for files RAW, such as Exposure Compensation (Exposure) and White Balance (White Balance), can achieve optimal results.

Advanced printing options: print all images on the page with thumbnails to the full-length. Go to Advanced settings include features that allow you to add data to a header or footer, or select a background color.

Parameters of the universal markup and evaluation easier tagging and sorting images.
Support for Nikon shooting modes 1: You can import and play "live pictures" made using the snapshot function of the movement, and the best pictures taken with Smart select the picture stand out, making it easier to find.

Direct link to the Software Short Movie Creator: work with files, photos and videos in the software ViewNX2 Short Movie Creator by Nikon. Simply select the files and click Short Movie Creator. The selected files will be opened immediately in the program Short Movie Creator, then you can immediately begin to create the video.
Full integration with the my Picturetown (Nikon online service for storing and transmitting images): instantly upload pictures from the program ViewNX2 in to my Picturetown by simply drag and drop or browse images stored in the service of my Picturetown, directly in the program ViewNX2.
Changes made to this version

When printing images using the Print As (Print as) in the dialog box, Printer Setup (Printer Setup) with the parameter Full Page (Full page), and included a check Print Information (print media) images were printed with excessive margins, regardless of the chosen Print dialog box, Advanced Print Information Settings (Advanced print settings information). This bug is fixed.

Compatible 32 - and 64-bit versions of ViewNX 2 with Windows
64-bit version of ViewNX 2 version 2.3.2 (S-VNX2__-020302WF-EUREN-64BIT_.exe) can be used with the following operating systems.
- 64-bit versions of Windows 7
- 64-bit versions of Windows Vista
32-bit version of ViewNX 2 version 2.3.2 (S-VNX2__-020302WF-EUREN-32BIT_.exe) can be used with the following operating systems.
- 32 - and 64-bit versions of Windows 7
- 32 - and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista
- 32-bit versions of Windows XP
When transferring files using Nikon Transfer 2:
- Unable to transfer image files using Nikon Transfer 2 with the following cameras: COOLPIX 910/900/600/300/100
- Unable to transfer image files using Nikon Transfer 2 cameras connected to the computer, which are listed below. Transfer images from your device memory card reader.
- D1, D1X, D1H
- COOLPIX 950/800/700
- COOLPIX 990/880 (Windows 7)

Limitations of Nikon Movie Editor:
A. In the Windows version you can edit the video length to 60 minutes;
Two. The following restrictions apply to the number of videos and photos that can be added to the storyboard.
- Ability to preview and export a project containing 10 or 30 video clips and photos.
- When added to the storyboard video of duration of several seconds, which apply transition effects, video file can be exported correctly, even if the restriction on the number of videos and photos is not exceeded.
In addition, when using only the video Motion JPEG (1080p), you can view and export the project containing 30 videos.
Image format NRW (RAW)
As for improving the images created using the Auto white balance settings, and adjust image quality NRW (RAW), using a program ViewNX 2, the results may differ materially from the results obtained using the built-in processing of NRW (RAW).
Ratings exhibited with the COOLPIX
Ratings exhibited with the COOLPIX in preview mode are not displayed in ViewNX 2 program or other applications that support ratings.
View the video H.264 in Windows
When playing videos on a computer running Windows colors will be softer and the colors brighter.
View and edit H.264 videos on a Macintosh
It can be very slow on the models of PowerPC.
Displaying image format MPO in 3D-mode
Image format MPO, shot in 3D-mode, can only be viewed with a viewer that supports 3D-image.
Mode Smile (Smile) Camera COOLPIX S550, S560, L20 and L19
Scene Mode Information panel Metadata (metadata) for images taken in the mode of Smile (Smile), is incorrect.
All other operations are performed without error.

Supported file formats:
Image Format JPEG (compatible with Exif 2.2-2.3).
Image formats: RAW (NEF, NRW), MPO (3D) and TIFF (RGB), video clips, sound files, reference images for feature Image Dust Off (dust removal), and log data GPS, recorded with a digital camera Nikon.
Image formats: RAW (NEF, NRW), TIFF (RGB) and JPEG (RGB), as well as video formats: MOV, AVI, MPEG1 and WMV, saved by the application software Nikon.

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