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Rosetta Stone v3.3.5 Plus Language Packs
| 27.52 GB
Latest version of the Rosetta Stone for Windows. Needed to use the language packs for V3.
Language Learning That Works!

Rosetta Stone v3.3.5 for Windows

Type/Genre: Training
Tested: Yes
Format: 1 ISO & 1 executable packed in RAR
Languages: Separate iso's, see below for details
Developer: Rosetta Stone

The Rosetta Stone works because it's:

* intuitive *
* interactive *
* visually engaging *

With Rosetta Stone you will never:

* translate *
* memorize *
* see lists of words *

* Instead you'll see it, hear it and know it! *

* With Dynamic Immersion , you learn naturally by associating your new *
* language with rich images paired with sound and text. *

* Begin by building a foundation of essential language skills. Gain confidence *
* and learn to share your ideas, opinions and feelings when you immerse *
* yourself in languages with Rosetta Stone. *


1. Install the application by running RosettaStoneSetup.exe or mount the .iso

2. Once installed, copy RosettaStoneVersion3.exe from the Crack folder to the installation folder

The activation screen will still appear but just click "Activate Later"; you will be able to fully use any installed language packs regardless of their activation status

Also, make sure you don't update or register if it asks you to

3. Burn or mount your language iso

Included in this Pack:

Arabic V3 Level 1
Arabic V3 Level 2
Arabic V3 Level 3
Chinese (Mandarin) V3 Level 1
Chinese (Mandarin) V3 Level 2
Chinese (Mandarin) V3 Level 3
Danish V3 Level 1
Dutch V3 Level 1 - 2
English (American) V3 Level 1
English (American) V3 Level 2
English (American) V3 Level 3
English British V3 Level 1
English British V3 Level 2
English British V3 Level 3
Farsi V3 Level 1 - 2
French V3 Level 1
French V3 Level 2
French V3 Level 3
German V3 Level 1
German V3 Level 2
German V3 Level 3
Greek V3 Level 1
Greek V3 Level 2
Hebrew V3 Level 1
Hebrew V3 Level 2
Hindi V3 Level 1
Indonesian V3 Level 1
Irish V3 Level 1
Italian V3 Level 1
Italian V3 Level 2
Italian V3 Level 3
Japanese V3 Level 1
Japanese V3 Level 2
Japanese V3 Level 3
Korean V3 Level 1
Korean V3 Level 2
Korean V3 Level 3
Latin V3 Level 1
Pashto V3 Level 1
Polish V3 Level 1
Portuguese (Brazil) V3 Level 1
Portuguese (Brazil) V3 Level 2
Portuguese (Brazil) V3 Level 3
Portuguese V3 Level 1
Portuguese V3 Level 2
Portuguese V3 Level 3
Russian V3 Level 1
Russian V3 Level 2
Russian V3 Level 3
Spanish V3 (Latin America) Level 1
Spanish V3 (Latin America) Level 2
Spanish V3 (Latin America) Level 3
Spanish V3 Level 1
Spanish V3 Level 2
Spanish V3 Level 3
Swahili V3 Level 1
Swedish V3 Level 1
Tagalog V3 Level 1 - 2
Thai V3 Level 1
Turkish V3 Level 1
Vietnamese V3 Level 1
Welsh V3 Level 1

All Languages are separate ISO files

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 Rosetta Stone v3.3.5 Plus Language Packs

 Rosetta Stone v3.3.5 Plus Language Packs

 Rosetta Stone v3.3.5 Plus Language Packs
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