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Helicon Photo Safe 3.50 Free Portable

Helicon Photo Safe 3.50 Free Portable | 56,3 Mb

Helicon Photo Safe - Portable software for working with directories of photos. It also allows you to protect your personal images by encrypting them. Nobody will be able to see your personal photos, not knowing the password. You can protect a variety of images of different passwords. You can also hide the boxes with pictures in a way that no one will know that your computer are your personal photo archive.

Helicon Photo Safe is designed to:
Browsing, moving, copying, and deleting photos on disc
-Protection of personal photos with a password
-Upload photos from your memory cards
Picture-assignment of ratings and categories
-The creation of virtual collections / albums of photos

Helicon Photo Safe allows you to:
-View RAW, JPEG, TIFF and many other types of images
-See all the images on your computer in one list
-Set images of ratings
-Assign user-defined labels / categories
-Edit IPTC fields
-View images by date
-Search for images by name, date or EXIF ​​information
-Move or copy images by dragging them

Helicon Image Importer is a member of Helicon Photo Safe. It loads images from an external storage device such as a digital camera, memory card, flash - drive, etc.

Key features:
- Automatically rename images based on user-defined templates
- Add images to the group
- Batch job keywords
- Lossless JPEG rotation
- Editing of IPTC

The program allows you to encrypt your personal photos with three levels of privacy:

Level 1: Protection of Children
Changes only the extension. Thus, most programs can not open these files. These files can be decoded manually by deleting their name from the extension ". Enc".
Advantages: Very high speed, decoding can be done manually
Disadvantages: Low level of secrecy, some programs may display renamed image, based on their contents

Level 2: Protection from advanced users
The contents of the image is encrypted based on the user's password. To cancel the encryption and open an image with no password needed expertise and special software
Advantages: High speed, high level of secrecy
Disadvantages: Potentially there is a possibility of breaking the experts

Level 3: Protection of Professionals
Applicable bank level encryption. So you can not open the image without knowing the password.
Advantages: Very high level of secrecy
Disadvantages: Lower than other methods, performance, impossible to decipher the image in case of lost password, if not previously enabled the option to restore it

Recover password: If you wish, the program can store your password and your e-mail within the encrypted file. No one can read the password, even you. Only our specialist in our office with our private key can read this information from your image and send an encrypted password to your e-mail. This procedure ensures that only you can get a lost password.

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