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Audatex Estimating USA 6.0.7
Audatex Estimating USA 6.0.7 | 5.14 GB

Audatex Estimating is a reliable evaluation system that unites the entire community of claims for high-performance assessment process for all stakeholders. Added a full list of models of the database in June 2012.

Insurers, collision repair experts and independent appraisers may cooperate with each other using a single evaluation platform. This means that the improvement of cycle time and a significant increase in productivity for all participants.

Audatex Estimating offers everything you need to evaluate the platform, including:

Powerful Assessment Database - You can rely on the most comprehensive and widely accepted database on the market collision repair. In fact, more than 20,000 insurers and repair shops in North America rely on only a "vehicle-specific, manageable version" of the database in the industry for accurate vehicle parts and labor information. More in Audatex Estimating database data collisions.

3D-graphics with intelligent evaluation of Audatex will help you be more precise and reduce cycle times. Seeing is believing. Click here to see the world of 3D graphics wise.
Advanced Technology - Audatex Estimating provides the exact price of the part of labor and auto repair information using advanced features such as a weekly update of the original cost of the equipment, the overlap calculations for the correct time work, the decoding function to draw the exact color code, and more.

Easy Navigation - Audatex Estimating offers a simple and intuitive design of the field for easy navigation and fast processing, as well as features such as interactive graphics, a part-search utility, the ability to add applications, and more-to improve productivity and a high degree of accuracy assessment.

Facilitation of communication - Audatex integrated communication tools allow insurers, repair facilities and independent appraisers to share information and assessments quickly and efficiently.

Rating organization - with an estimate of Audatex, you can track and view information from the assessment reports, including new assessment printout, a report on labor, the list of reports and work of the Order.

Several training options - you will get full support for learning options, including computer, virtual and instructor-led training, webinars and quickly guides, as well as for self-study online.

A complete set of application modules, and adds - Audatex Estimating is designed to enable you to easily integrate with other Audatex claims-related decisions, including:
Estimatics addition to insurers, such as AudaVIN, Real Steel Recycled Parts and paintless dent repair
Compliance solutions for insurance companies, such as Audatex assessment test, audit, evaluation and review of Audatex Audatex Reinspection
Autosource for the insurer's overall assessment of losses.


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