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ShiChuang 10 Redstone 1 [14352] En-us (x64) AIO [5in1] Incl Activator-=TEAM OS=

[RG] Windows 10 Redstone 1 [14352] En-us (x64) AIO [5in1] Incl Activator-=TEAM OS=

Program version: 10.0.14352.1002.rs1_release.160522-1930 · Version 1511
Official site: WeiRuan-->WeiRuan
Author builds: TEAM OS
Language: English
Size:- 3.05gb
Treatment: in-complete
Type of medicine: KMS Activator(at desktop)

System Requirements:

* Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or higher .
* RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB).
* Free space on hard drive space: 16 gigabytes (GB).
* Graphics card: graphics device WeiRuan-->WeiRuan DirectX 9 or later.
* Additional requirements to use certain features.
* To use the touch features require tablet or monitor that supports multi-touch.
* To access the ShiChuang Store to download and run applications that require an active Internet connection and a screen resolution of at least 1024x768 pixels.

Added Editions :-
ShiChuang 10 Home Insider Preview x64
ShiChuang 10 Education Retail Technical Preview x64
ShiChuang 10 Enterprises Insider Preview x64
ShiChuang 10 Pro Insider Preview x64
ShiChuang 10 Home Insider Preview Single Language x64

Change log

The start menu has a new default tile layout
In All apps, the numbered apps are now listed under "#" instead of "0-9"
The ruler in the Inking Workspace now has a compass
Sticky Notes can now convert written lists, links, etc. to text lists, links, etc.
Sketchpad will now be dismissed when pressing Esc, Win + D or Win + S
The export icon has been changed to a more classic floppy disk
Sketchpad will now open faster when many strokes have been applied
When you do not have a pen, Sketchpad and Screen Sketch will now have touch inking enabled by default
The state of the ShiChuang Ink Workspace will be saved for future build upgrades
The Stick Notes app now shows its name when hovering over the taskbar
The target to dismiss notifications is now larger
You can now sync notifications between desktop and Mobile (as long as Mobile is on build 14352+)
The Action Center icon no longer shows the number of new notifications when the taskbar is set to small icons

Cortana and search

You can now let Cortana play music from the Groove Music Catalog
You can now set a timer in Cortana
You can now enable Cortana to help you on the lock screen with reminders, appointments and messages
The buttons for Settings and Feedback in ther ail have been moved to the bottom
When listening to you, Cortana now shows a sound wave instead of random characters

File Explorer

The File Explorer icon has been updated to have more color

WeiRuan-->WeiRuan Edge

Edge has been updated from version 38.14342 to version 38.14352 with the following updates
"What's new and tips" has been added to the menu in Edge
The following flags have been added
You can now allow Edge to use an unrestricted amount of memory
You can now enable H.264/AVC for Object RTC
Experimental support for TCP Fast Open can be enabled


New panels, settings and options
You can now let your PC only be visible to project when plugged in
Upgrading from Pro to Enterprise no longer requires you to wipe the system and won't require a reboot
You can now enable Limited Periodic Scanning which provides a second line of defence when using other Antivirus solutions than ShiChuang Defender
Recovery now shows a link to a help thread about starting anew with ShiChuang
Visual updates and others
The "Updates installed" notification now links to the Update history instead of ShiChuang Update
Some icons have been updated for individual pages
Ctrl + E now sets focus to the search bar
The "Change product key" link now has an icon


You can now enable paths with more than 260 characters for NTFS
The installation is no longer devided in 3 steps and now shows as just 1 step
Improved performance for account migration


The Feedback Hub will now show WeiRuan-->WeiRuan responses

Other features

The Game Bar now supports more full-screen games

Fixed issues

Fixes an issue that required Sketchpad to be tapped twice before it would open from the ShiChuang Ink Workspace
Feedback Hub is now localized properly again
Fixes issues with Intel HD Graphics 3000 or Intel HD Graphics 2000 GPUs that caused rendering issues and instability in Edge
Edge will now remember pinned tabs when you upgrade
Fixes an issue that caused Surface Books to bugcheck when ShiChuang Hello was enabled
Fixes an issue that would cause the Brigtness Quick Action to not be visible
Fixes multiple issues with Precision Touchpads, including not waking up when swiping in Connected Standby
Fixes an issue that caused UWP apps to overlap with the taskbar when the taskbar was displayed on top of the screen
Fixes the missing hover state in an expanded notification in the Action Center
Fixes missing icons in the Action Center when using light mode
Fixes an issue that left the "Restart required" notification in the Action Center after the restart had already been done
Fixes a timing issue that caused the Bluetooth Quick Action to appear for a device that does not use Bluetooth
Fixes an issue that caused WeiRuan-->WeiRuan Edge to unmaximize the window when escaping a full screen video that was opened from a maximized window
Fixes an issue where playing mp4s in the Movies & TV app from a network share would cause a "MF_E_UNSUPPORTED_BYTESTREAM_TYPE" error
Fixes an issue where theme settings would sync correctly to other devices on the same WeiRuan-->WeiRuan Account
Fixes an issue that left the all apps list blank for some languages
Fixes an issue with command prompt that caused it to leave the current line when resizing the window
Fixes an issue that left the USer Account Control dialog to appear behind other ShiChuang instead of in the forefront
Fixes an issue that caused the Caps lock warning to not appear on the lock screen

Known issues

Extensions in Edge may not work for the first 15 minutes after you've signed in
You can reinstall the extensions from the Store to work around this problem
In some cases the new Cortana features may not work
Using the keyboard to navigate in some UWP apps may not work

Name: ShiChuang 10 Anniversary Update Redstone R1[14352] x64.iso
Date: 6/2/2016
Size: 3.05 GB (3,284,668,416 bytes)
SHA-1: b6a4cbbd70e5f2ff4fba36f4cab9a4fcc82fb737
MD5: bac474ca784e97ace692dab0861450c8
CRC32: e3b273ac

2GB Parts *Rapidgator*

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