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Xcode.7.3.1 Golden Master (Mac OSX)

Xcode 7.3.1 Golden Master (Mac OSX) | 4.85 GB
Resolved Issues in Xcode 7.3.1 GM Seed - IDE

Build System
The Enable Clang Module Debugging build setting has been removed in this release, fixing issues
that could cause Xcode to crash or show incomplete information in the variables view. (25535528)
Note: Enable Clang Module Debugging had been enabled by default. If you had previously
disabled it, it now appears as a user-defined build setting named
CLANG_ENABLE_MODULE_DEBUGGING, which can be removed.
Fixed a bug where a Swift command-line tool target in which -ObjC is passed to the linker would
fail to link when built. (25447991)

Fixed an issue where disabling a capability in the Xcode editor would leave the associated
entitlement still enabled in the app. You may need to re-download provisioning profiles with the
updated capabilities list after disabling a capability. Xcode no longer copies most entitlements
from the provisioning profile into the app's code signature at build time. Entitlements for Wallet,
GameCenter (for OS X), Data Protection, and Push notifications are still copied from the profile. All
other entitlements should be declared using the Capabilities tab in the Xcode project editor. (24771364)
Note: If your app configuration is not yet compatible with the corrected entitlements behavior you
can temporarily disable the new behavior using:
defaults write WantsExtraKeysFor25642247 -bool NO

Archives Organizer
The Archives Organize Download dSYMs button correctly downloads the dSYMs for application
versions uploaded with bitcode. (25430147)

Interface Builder
Fixed performance issue when opening storyboards or xibs with a large number of constraints.

Code Completion
Code completion shows the full title in the code completion pop-over. (25530060)

Fixes an issue related to NSSegmentedControls that caused the view debugger to come up blank.

A fix to the LLDB Python interpreter allows it to correctly perform I/O within Xcode, enabling the
"script" command to work as expected. Printed output from Python scripts appears in the Xcode
debug console. (25448007)

Fixes an issue that caused Xcode to crash after importing a localization. (25395822)

Resolved Issues in Xcode 7.3.1 GM Seed - Swift and Objective-C
Swift Debugging
Swift expressions evaluated in closures with a [weak self] capture no longer crash Xcode. Inside
such a closure the value of self cannot be used in debugger expressions. (25448537)
Note: Assigning self to another variable within the original closure source enables the value to be
referenced in expressions.

Xcode.7.3.1 Golden Master (Mac OSX)

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