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Viber (Portable)
Viber (Portable)

Viber (Portable) | 70.4 Mb
Viber - is a program that allows you to make voice and video calls for free (only pay for internet traffic), as well as send pictures and text messages between smartphone and PC with Viber installed. Viber program is very popular among smartphone users (more than 200 mililionov users), and recently there was also a desktop version.

Features Of Viber:
* Does not require registration with login/password: login by phone number
* Support for free voice calls with HD sound quality and video calls
* The free SMS and photos
* Supported mode group communication
* "Transparent" (without interruption) transfer ongoing call between devices
* If the user has already installed Viber on your smartphone, sync your contacts between mobile and desktop versions of Viber automatically.
The Viber activation will occur immediately after installation on the mobile device, then both programs will be synchronized. The Viber interface has multilingual support. In the list of supported languages and Russian language. Management will not be difficult, none of which had experience of using such programs. All controls are located in the Appendix, you will quickly and easily make calls and send messages.
Many users have already appreciated the convenience, reliability, quality and other advantages. Really very convenient to have one app and on your desktop home computer and mobile device. Don't need to get used to the controls, send messages and make calls with any Network connection.
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