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Lingon X 2.2

Lingon X 2.2 | MacOSX | 5.58 MB
Lingon X allows you to visually create startup files that are used to launch applications and scripts automatically when you start Mac OS X. List of all programs shall be made to the table, where it is convenient to edit. Immediately displays the status of each program: what it does, whether at the moment, etc. The entire configuration can be carried out manually by changing file «launchd in a text editor, the program creates a user friendly interface that will help speed up the process and avoid errors. You can set the auto-run on schedule, and after any particular incident.

Auto start an application or script (including a certain date)
Test run the application or script
The ability to automatically change the system configuration files
It does not require its own start after making changes

Lingon X - is a graphical user interface for creating and editing configuration files, run programs / daemons for Mac OS X, which are located in the following directories:
~ / Library / LaunchAgents
~ / Library / LaunchDaemons
/ Library / LaunchAgents
/ Library / LaunchDaemons
/ System / Library / LaunchAgents
/ System / Library / LaunchDaemons

Whats new in Version 2.2:
Added a Test button to run the job temporarily to check paths and show any possible logged errors
Fixed a possible problem of not changing some values ​​when switching between jobs
Fixed an issue when switching between the When and Advanced views
Fixed an issue with the SuccessfulExit button
Fixed an issue with spaces in Run
Many other small fixes and improvements

OS - MacOSX 10.10 or Later
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