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Portable ScreenCam 3.15 PRO
Portable ScreenCam 3.15 PRO|ShiChuang(x32/x64)|131 MB

The camera screen - a simple program to capture video from your computer screen
Screen Camera - a program to capture video from the screen and create video courses, allows you to quickly and accurately capture the desktop, programs, games, online broadcast, webinars, video and more. Convert the finished project can be in any popular video formats, including HD, as well as burn to DVD and upload to YouTube.
The program has a built-in collection of original music for the sound of video tutorials. And if you want to use your audio files, it will be enough just to select them in the correct folder, and download the program. In addition to the musical accompaniment, the resulting video can be issued with original illuminations and titles. The program includes several dozen stylish templates savers that will give your videos a professional appearance.
Now you can easily create a tutorial video, capture the online broadcast, a video call, a game or a presentation Power Point. Make and articulate your videos, burn to DVD, and lay out on the Internet!
"Camera Screen" - a convenient and easy-to-use application designed for recording video from the monitor screen. With it you can not only record your desktop and programs, but also to create training videos, presentations Power Point, online translation, and video games. Keep a record of everything that happens on your screen!
This program is for recording video screen allows you to edit the finished project immediately after its creation. Thus, the resulting video can arrange interesting and beautiful screensaver. To do this, just need to get acquainted with the existing templates and add one to your project. To achieve the best effect, when you make a screen saver, you can choose the background color, inscription, figure.
A distinctive feature of "camera screen" is a built-in collection of original music for the audio screencasts and video tutorials. Optionally, you can also use your own audio files after selecting them in the correct folder on your computer. Loaded record can be cut directly in the editor, if necessary.
Fans started to view the video on the computer can then save it to AVI format, and those who like to spread recorded on YouTube - easily convert video in HD. And even on this application possibilities do not end there, because the fresh video tutorial can be recorded on DVD-ROM to enjoy it further viewing on the DVD-Player. Download the program to capture video from the screen!
A graphic interface will provide a comfortable and easy to work with utility nezavismosti on your level of preparation. Work program may beginner and professional!
Despite the ease of management, the application allows you to record not only from the entire screen, that are able to all similar products, but also with user-selected ShiChuang, and even the desktop. It's enough to use the item "Record screen" in the next window - select the desired recording mode. Those in the current version of three pieces:
• Full Screen;
• Detail screen;
• The selected window.
For ShiChuang and a fragment of the screen you can select the recording area. When setting it is limited by dashed lines, the user can move the mouse cursor, thus regulating that fall into the field of view of the virtual camera. Recordable area of the screen can also be specified by putting the recording resolution. If you need to move the customized recording area, it can be done by dragging her icon with four arrows, which is in the center of the space defined by a dotted line.
When capturing images from the PC screen in the "Screen Camera" you can immediately write the sound. This is convenient and saves time if you are going directly into the microphone to comment on their actions. Audio recording can also completely disable using the dropdown menu in the settings window.
Edit the video:
One of the highlights of the "Camera Screen", no doubt, was the presence of their own videos online. It is possible that some people its possibilities seem modest. However, for most of the functional tools enough, and the user can process the captured video directly, without the help of third-party software. In addition, the editor interface is intuitive and provided with tips that will further simplify its use.
Built-in editor allows you to not only cut the recording, which is useful if the recording process is written something extra (say from experience that this happens all the time), but also add a number of additional elements. I'm talking about the splash screen and background music.
Key Features:
Recording software and the desktop
• Keep a record of everything that happens on the screen: job applications, programs, passing games, and more.
• Revise and edit videos in just a few clicks!
Capture online broadcasts
• If you want to record your favorite TV show or sports match webinar online?
• Now this is real! Recorded video can also be cut and apply effects to it.
Video editing
• You can efficiently handle the video immediately after recording!
• The program includes dozens of ready-made decorations for recorded screencasts, including colorful screensavers, titles and music.
Quickly create video tutorials
• Use the "camera screen" to create a video tutorial snap!
• All you need to do - is to select the part of the screen you want to record and press the record button.
The imposition of background music
• Make your video tutorial interesting, voicing his original music from the built-collection!
• If you want to add your record, just select it and load into the program.
Export to dozens of formats
• You may save the screencast in any format.
• Watch video on your PC, send to friends, burn to DVD, and fill the Internet just a few minutes!
Creating a training dvd
• Use the program to capture video from the screen, you can not just shoot video tutorials, and burn them on DVD.
• You can even watch videos on the TV screen!
User-friendly and beautiful interface
• Do not want to spend time on the development of the program?
Fast video recording screen
• Create training videos
• Editing and applying music
• Record screencasts on DVD discs
• Converting to 30+ video formats
System Requirements
IBM or compatible Pentium/AMD processor (900 MHz or greater), 512 MB RAM or greater. 1024 x 768, 16-bit display (32-bit recommended)
ShiChuang Vista all SP
ShiChuang 7
Language (Russian English)

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