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MathMagic Pro Edition For Adobe InDesign 9.14 build 15 Mac OS X

MathMagic Pro Edition For Adobe InDesign 9.14 build 15 | MacOSX | 20.5 MB

MathMagic Pro for InDesign is an equation editor mainly for use with Adobe InDesign software in editing any mathematical expressions and symbols with WYSIWYG interface and various powerful features. It lets you write or edit equations right inside the InDesign documents without going through export/import. The superior quality and productivity of MathMagic was accepted by many DTP professionals around the world.
Comprehensive tool for math expression design
Although it might look quite intimidating at first for InDesign beginner users, MathMagic Pro’s equation editor is the only tool you need to embed any sort of math expressions in any InDesign document, with great ease.

Moreover, after you get used to the complex and full-featured interface, you can use its WYSIWYG editor to rapidly enter the equation you want to insert within the document. Next to the equation editor, MathMagic Pro also provides a Clips panel that can prove to be a serious time saver for when you have to enter multiple types of expressions, all relying on the same base configuration.

Large selection of templates and symbols
Furthermore, to make creating custom expressions even more simple, MathMagic Pro comes bundle with an extensive collection of equation and shape templates covering a large selection of disciplines from mathematics to accounting, as well as a vast array of TrueType and OpenType formatted mathematical symbols. Each of these templates can further be customized using the included tools, in order to fit within the overall design of your project.

Support for MathML and LaTeX equation import
If you already have your equations written down using LaTeX or MathML, MathMagic Pro enables you to effortlessly import them within your InDesign document so that you can obtain a higher quality document.

In addition, all the mathematical expressions designed with MathMagic Pro can be exported to a wide array of formats (i.e. LaTeX, MathML, MediaWiki, PDF) for inclusion within projects you’re working on using other tools.

Reliable and convenient equation editor
Everything considered, if you’re one to work with mathematical expressions on a daily basis, MathMagic Pro for InDesign should be one of the tools you try, if not for its huge range of built-in templates and symbols, then at least for the wide assortment of input and output formats.

- Automatic equation formatting
- Input equations using a WYSIWYG editor
- Baseline matching automation
- Support for a MathML or LaTeX expressions
- Import equation generated using MathType
- Vast collection of bundled templates and symbol types
- Can be controlled using keyboard shortcuts
- Drag and drop operation with undo and redo support

What's New Version 9.14:
[Added] OS X 10.10 compatible digital signature supported.
[Changed] MathMagic Fonts folder is available separately in the disk image for manual installation.
- Mac OS X 10.6 or later including 10.10 Yosemite
- Adobe InDesign v2.0 ~ CS6, CC (Creative Cloud), CC 2014, CC 2015
- MathMagic Pro application + InDesign Plug-ins
- About 30 MB of available hard disk space

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