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Hot Door CADtools v9.1 for Adobe Illustrator (Mac OS X)
Hot Door CADtools v9.1 for Adobe Illustrator | MacOSX | 58 MB

Thanks CADtools Adobe Illustrator for 17 years becomes an excellent system-aided design (CAD). Draw in any scale, edit and dimensioning in vector graphics, and a plurality of anchor points controls - it's all possible thanks to 81 instrument for easy and original design!

Plug-in for Adobe Illustrator, includes an extensive set of tools for technical drawing:
drawing in any scale, dimension artwork and digitally control the size and location of the object.

Engineered design just moved from CADtools directly in Adobe Illustrator:
Illustrator increased productivity and DXF / DWG compatibility, which makes CADtools powerful solution for design professionals.

- Drawing in any scale
- Fully editable as text and numeric measurements
- Management of objects in digital form via CADtracker
- A perspective drawing
- Projection and measurement
- Double measure
- Tool tangent
- Improved measurement and marking objects

OS - MacOSX 10.6 or Later
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Hot Door CADtools v9.1 for Adobe Illustrator (Mac OS X)

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