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GenArts Sapphire v8.11 for OFX

GenArts Sapphire v8.11 for OFX | 115 MB

GenArts Sapphire Version 8 is the most innovative release of Sapphire which includes new and updated effects, an enhanced preset browser, and introduces the ability to create your own effects!

New Features:

Simulate light leaking into the frame for an organic effect more subtle than a lens flare. Control the color and movement of the lights to add nostalgic warmth and energy to your work.

Add a variety of natural-looking elements to dirty up a shot, add sophisticated vignettes, or create complex textures. Choose from a variety of categories: cracks, stains, frost, and more, which can be combined and animated.

Builder allows you to create your own effects and transitions by combining existing Sapphire effects! See S_Effect and S_Transition in action below:

Found within S_Effect and S_Transition, the enhanced preset browser is based on a looks first workflow so that users can now browse all Sapphire presets at once, and can view presets by groups, such as "color correction" or "damage". Plus, users can apply their chosen presets directly onto their footage for improved efficiency.

Updated with two additional modes: twitchy and jumpy and new channel parameters allow for color channel separation as the shaking occurs. This effect also works well on text or titles.

GenArts Sapphire v8.11 for OFX

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