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CASEapps Tags 2.5.5

CASEapps Tags 2.5.5 | MacOSX | 2.4 Mb

Every day we deal with thousands of documents, emails, photos, contacts, videos, web links etc. The rigid file/folder structure on a computer, designed to mimic the real world physical equivalent, is no longer efficient.
Specific applications exist to manage, sort, find and consume specific file types. Think iTunes for music, iPhoto for photos, Mail for emails, Safari for the web etc. What is lacking is a comprehensive way to associate different types of files to one another in an intuitive way, without creating duplicates.

The Solution: Tags
Tagging is a superior way to associate files to one another by using keywords, rather than rigid folders.

Tag files and folders in the finder, emails in Mail, photos in iPhoto, bookmarks in Safari etc.... directly from within the application. Associate files of different types to one another with ease and without creating duplicates.

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