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DirectUpdate is the first and only dynamic dns client updater running as a NT service with remote administration. You want to host your own web or ftp server, but dont have a fixed IP address ? Dynamic dns is for you ! Create an account and run DirectUpdate on your machine, youll have your always up to date own domain pointing to your machine!
Whenever you connect to the Internet, your IP address automatically changes. This shouldnt be a problem for most users but for some, the fact that the IP changes all the time can become a problem. Lets take a web server for example. The server automatically detects the IP address of your Internet Service Provider and in case this address changes, the server and your website will become inaccessible. A similar situation is when you are running a FTP server on your home computer and you need to access some files from work. If the IP address of your home computer changes, you wont be able to access those files.

To solve all these problems, you could just install DirectUpdate. This ShiChuang program can periodically detect your IP address and can assign it to a hostname. Thus, when you want to access your computer, you will just need to enter the hostname instead of your IP address. You wont even need to know what your IP address is in this case.

After the program has been installed, you will first need to run the engine component of the application. This component automatically detects your IP address periodically. In order to manage the application and change its settings, you will need to launch the administration module, which comes with DirectUpdate.

At this point, you are able to configure various DNS services and link them with your computers IP address. DirectUpdate supports the majority of DNS services available on the market and most of them are free to register. You can configure an unlimited number of DNS services to run at the same time. Besides that, in case you have a wired and wireless connection at the same time, the program can automatically detect the corresponding IP address for each Internet connection.


Native NT service (NT4.0/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/8)
Remote administration anywhere from the LAN and the Internet.
Local & remote IP detection with user selection (lan dsl/cable router supported).
Many dns services/providers supported simultaneously.
WebAdmin (full administration using your browser!).
Small & compact executable (the engine is less than 300 KB!).
Update can be forced every xx days to prevent accounts from being banned.
Add support for "Wildcard" and "MaileXchanger".
Support of proxy server and proxy server authentication.
Fully customizable notifications (Email and FTP).
Engine can launch an external app and restart a service when a new IP is detected.
Monitored log file size, and support of syslog deamon.
KeepAlive option, to maintain your internet connection up if required.
Support IP detection via hidden (auto) proxy of ISP.
Support local IP detection with router direct query!
And growing...

Whats New in version 4.7.5:
Fix IP detection when using part 1 (ip/domain name)
Fix dns service.
Fix dns service.
Fix eNom dns service
Fix sending email with non ansi characters in the subject
Added dns service.
Added custom/vanilia dns service.
Fix crash when pressing? button in title bar.
Fix ZoneEdit dns service.
Added Gozoom dns service.
Added all-inkl dns service.
Added filter.txt support, to remove unwanted dns service at sartup.
Improved debug logging.
Fix win2000 support
Added Google Domains service
Added DuckDNS service
Added service
Fix Cloudflare service
Fix no-ip service

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