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ARM DS-5 Development Studio 5.20.2 Ultimate Edition (April 12, 2015)

ARM DS-5 Development Studio 5.20.2 Ultimate Edition (April 12, 2015)

ARM DS-5 Development Studio 5.20.2 Ultimate Edition | 6.2 Gb

ARM Ltd., a leader in microprocessor Intellectual Property, presents ARM DS-5 Development Studio, it's an end-to-end suite of tools for embedded C/C++ software development on any ARM processor.

DS-5 provides comprehensive support for SoC design and bring-up. From the earliest RTL simulation through to optimizations for native Android apps, DS-5 gives you the best insight into ARM-based systems.

The suite includes DS-5 Debugger, Streamline performance analyzer, ARM Compiler 5 & 6*, Linaro GCC, simulation models and the Eclipse IDE.

Device bring-up is easier in DS-5. Designed alongside ARM processors, CoreSight infrastructure and debug hardware, DS-5 helps to abstract the debug connection and comes with preconfigured debug connections to devices from over 40 semiconductor partners and OEMs.

ARM DS-5 Development Studio is the toolkit of choice for software developers who want to fully realize the benefits of the ARM Architecture. The DS-5 installation contains:

- DS-5 Debugger, covering all stages of product development
- ARM Compiler 5.05u1 for embedded and bare-metal code
- ARM Compiler 6.01u1 for embedded and bare-metal code for ARMv8-A (DS-5 Ultimate Edition only) and ARMv7-A processors
- Linaro GCC Toolchain 4.8-2014.04 for Linux applications and Linux kernel development targeting the AArch32 architecture
- ARM Streamline Performance Analyzer for various operating systems, including Linux, Android and RTX
- Eclipse IDE, source code editor and project manager
- Fixed Virtual Platform (FVP) software models for Cortex-A8, quad-core Cortex-A9 and ARMv8 (DS-5 Ultimate Edition only)
- Example projects and documentation

DS-5 Ultimate Edition Features

- The ARMv8 FVP for bare-metal, kernel and application development without the need for a hardware target
- The next-generation ARM Compiler 6 based on the modern LLVM compiler infrastructure
- The TUV certified ARM Compiler 5 and qualification kit, for safety critical applications
- Early access to new features
- Plus, all the features of DS-5 Professional Edition

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