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Rabbit Ears Audio Hydrophonic WAV (04/04/15)

Rabbit Ears Audio Hydrophonic WAV (04/04/15)

Rabbit Ears Audio Hydrophonic WAV | 1.36 GB

Time to get wet and be sucked in by the rip current! Hydrophonic is a moist library that features sounds recorded from a variety of subaquatic perspectives. For a period of 3 months, I dragged around my hydrophones wherever I could find water. My hydrophones went with me to waterfalls, streams, lakes, rivers, oceans, swimming pools, scuba divers, and even the local bathtub.

The highlights of the library are the waterfalls and the various recordings of water movement. I used several Aquarian H2A Hydrophones throughout the recording process and recorded most currents of water from a variety of perspectives. In addition to water movement and ambience, the library features sounds from swim and scuba moves. If oxygen tanks are your thing, then you are in the right place (Do you like bubbles?).

And finally, I took a few props underwater for some fun design elements. It’s amazing what deodorant sprays and steam cleaners sound like when submerged.

Files: 24 BIT 96 KHz WAV files
Equipment: Aquarian H2A Hydrophones, Sound Devices 744T

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P2P 30 MARCH 2015


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