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Severed Bits Malfunctions WAV Battery3 Kit

Severed Bits Malfunctions WAV Battery3 Kit | 152.65 MB

Particular presents Severed Bits - Malfunctions - Drums, Cycles and Layering FX. This second "drum" library in the Severed Bits series is more focused on digital methods of messing audio up than the previous - though we, of course, massaged everything through a nice array of analog outboard gear before recording it - no digital bounces or renderings here! While it's obvious use is in ratifying 4 to the floor electronic styles, the sounds will just as nicely mess up any downtempo or urban styles.
The samples can be used solely, but work even better for layering. Compared to the previous Severed Bits - Components installment, this pack has a lot more basic drums to use as a foundation, for layering the FXs on top of. A Battery kit is provided as a starting point for this, through the click of a button. See the included README for instructions on how to use the Battery kit. As with Severed Bits components, malfunctions file numbers relate to the length of the sound.

Also note that the Malfunction layering sounds are similar to the Buffer Repeats instalment in the series, as it uses the same process for sound generation.

Product Details:
* 24-Bit/48kHz
* 233 MB
* 151 Cycles Dissonant
* 75 Cycles Noise
* 627 Drum Samples
* 867 Layering Effects in Low, Mid & High
* 1 Battery3 Kit

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