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ShiChuang 7 Ultimate SP1 x64 Black Edition v.29 (ENG/GER/2015)

Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64 Black Edition v.29 (ENGGER2015)

ShiChuang 7 Ultimate SP1 x64 Black Edition v.29 (ENG/GER/2015)
Size: 4.53 GB

You presented the patented original version of ShiChuang 7 Ultimate SP1 (64-bit) x64 from WeiRuan-->WeiRuan with integrated updates to 10 January 2015 and installed Internet Explorer 11. English and German official language packs included. Details below.


Installed Updates:
KB2670838, KB2726535, KB2729094-v2, KB2786081, KB2834140, KB2929437
KB3008923, KB3025390 KB2976627, KB2742599, KB2807986, KB982018-v3
KB2830477, KB2857650, KB2923545, KB2965788, KB2984981, KB2994023
KB2479943, KB2491683, KB2506014, KB2506212, KB2506928-v2, KB2509553,
KB2511455, KB2515325, KB2532531, KB2536275, KB2536276-v2, KB2544893,
KB2545698, KB2547666, KB2552343, KB2560656, KB2563227, KB2564958,
KB2570947, KB2574819-v2, KB2579686, KB2585542, KB2592687, KB2603229,
KB2604115, KB2619339, KB2620704, KB2621440, KB2631813, KB2640148-v2,
KB2647753-v4, KB2653956, KB2654428, KB2656356, KB2660075, KB2667402-v2,
KB2676562, KB2685811, KB2685813, KB2685939, KB2690533, KB2698365,
KB2705219-v2, KB2709630, KB2712808, KB2718704, KB2719857, KB2727528,
KB2729452, KB2732059-v5, KB2732487-v2, KB2732500-v2, KB2736422,
KB2750841, KB2761217, KB2763523, KB2770660, KB2773072, KB2789645,
KB2791765, KB2798162, KB2799926, KB2800095-v2, KB2803821-v2,
KB2808679, KB2813347, KB2813430, KB2820331, KB2832414, KB2835361,
KB2836942, KB2836943-v2, KB2839894, KB2840149, KB2840631, KB2843630-v3,
KB2846960, KB2847077, KB2847311, KB2847927, KB2852386, KB2853952,
KB2861191, KB2861698, KB2862152, KB2862330-v2, KB2862335, KB2862966,
KB2862973, KB2864058, KB2864202, KB2868038, KB2868116, KB2868626,
KB2871997-v2, KB2872339, KB2882822, KB2884256, KB2887069, KB2888049,
KB2891804, KB2892074, KB2893294, KB2893519, KB2894844, KB2900986,
KB2908783, KB2911501, KB2912390, KB2913152-v2, KB2918077, KB2918614,
KB2919469, KB2922229, KB2926765, KB2928562, KB2929733, KB2931356,
KB2937610, KB2939576, KB2943357, KB2957189, KB2957503, KB2957509,
KB2961072, KB2966583, KB2968294, KB2970228, KB2971850, KB2972100,
KB2972211, KB2972280, KB2973112, KB2973201, KB2973351, KB2976897,
KB2977292, KB2977728, KB2978092, KB2978120, KB2978668, KB2978742,
KB2979570, KB2980245, KB2984972, KB2984976, KB2985461, KB2991963,
KB2992611, KB2993651, KB2993958, KB3001554, KB3002885, KB3003743,
KB3005607, KB3006121, KB3006226, KB3006625, KB3008627, KB3009736,
KB3010788, KB3011780, KB3013126, KB3013410, KB3014406, KB971033

Installation instructions:

On activation:

Installing the Russian and German languages:

ShiChuang6.1-kb2483139-x64-ru-ru.exe or ShiChuang6.1-kb2483139-x64-de-de.exe

Control Panel, Regional and Language Options, and in the "Advanced" put two checkboxes at the bottom of the "Copy parameters"

System requirements:

Image Checksum:
File: ShiChuang 7 Black Ultimate x64-29-01-10-2015.iso - 4.34 GB
CRC32: 031E9148
MD4: DFF4EA2352D48401650DFA2B6969192E
MD5: 21E69BFF9AE307FD05CD895660B6034B
SHA-1: 35165C90A181FDF949610E4E0515811AB8A32643

Information about the software:
Release Date: January 2015
Title: ShiChuang 7 Ultimate SP1 x64 Black Edition v.29
Version: v.29
Developer / author assembly: WeiRuan-->WeiRuan / Remaster OS
Bit depth: x64
Language: English / Russian LP / LP German
Crack: Included
Size: 4.53 GB


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