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Prominy SC Virtual Electric Guitar KONTAKT REPACK (10.2.2015)

Prominy SC Virtual Electric Guitar KONTAKT REPACK (10.2.2015)

Prominy SC Virtual Electric Guitar KONTAKT REPACK | 35.07 GB

Electric Fender Stratocaster, more than 123,000 samples. The library allows you to create and compose real live guitar compositions, with the presence of the smallest nuances inherent in a real game thanks to the SPM (Super Performance Multi). A huge number of recorded chords. Realistic fitbek, slide up, slide down, vibrato, tremolo.

- Incredible real-time playability - SC SPM (Super Performance Multi)
- All the five pick-up positions can be reproduced.
- Fretboard Monitor
- Real chords - the extensive number of the 'real' pre-recorded chord samples
- Auto Stroke Detection
- Feedback
- Assignable Key Switch
- Double-Tracking
- The lower note samples (low C - low D#) are included.
- Direct signals from the guitar
- Perfect sampled sounds of all fret positions on every string.
- Picking noises are recorded in multiple forms on all frets and strings

Includes the following articulation: Single note Realtime Legato Slide / Single note Realtime Hammer-on & Pull-off / Single note vibrato (deep & light) / Single note mute & picking noise / Single note gliss down / Single note gliss up / Picking Tremolo / Trill / Pinch harmonics / 5th-dyad chord Realtime Legato Slide / 5th-dyad chord vibrato / 5th-dyad chord mute & picking noise / 5th-dyad chord whammy bar with pinch harmonics / 5th-dyad chord gliss down (fast & slow) / 4th-dyad chord Realtime / Legato Slide / 4th-dyad chord vibrato / 4th-dyad chord mute & picking noise / 4th-dyad chord gliss down / 4th to 5th-dyad chord hammer-on / 5th to 4th-dyad chord pull-off

Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo \ mono
System requirements: NI Kontakt 5.4.3

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