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Photodex Proshow Producer v6.34.10 With Mega StylePacks (2015)

Photodex Proshow Producer v6.34.10 With Mega StylePacks (2015) | 19 GB

Professional slideshows your way. Turn your photos, videos and music into totally custom, professional video slideshows for clients, friends and family. With Producer there are no limits; use unlimited photos, videos and effects to turn your creative ideas into reality.

New in ProShow Producer 6
ProShow Producer 6 is a major release that includes significant new features, an all-new remote app for mobile devices, 150+ new effects, and tons of changes, fixes and improvements.

New! Advanced Text with Text Layers
- All new Text Layers let you add captions to your slides in a whole new way
- Text Layers appear in the Layer List with your photos and videos, but use text
- Text Layers allow all kinds of advanced effects with text that were never before possible with ProShow

- Work with Text Layers easily:
* Easily convert between traditional captions and text layers
* When converting a caption, your caption settings are automatically maintained
* Text Layers provide a familiar interface for configuring the font, placement, and effects
* New Text Settings and Text Effects tabs give you easy access to text settings for a Text Layer
* Copy keyframe settings between layers and text layers
- Create effects that were previously impossible
* Text Layers can be used as masks to mask layers based on the shape of letters or words
* Use Text Layers as adjustment layers to apply adjustment effects in the shape of text
* Mix Text Layers with normal layers to place text behind photos and videos
* Blur text
* Tilt text in 3D
* Apply adjustment effects to Text Layers
* Use both caption keyframes and layer keyframes on Text Layers

- Text Layers get the benefits of caption settings, too:
* Control font face, style and size
* Use colors, gradients and textures to fill your text
* Use caption behaviors on Text Layers like fly-ins and fly-outs
* Use modifiers on Text Layer keyframe settings

New! ProShow Remote App for Mobile Devices
- Work with your shows from your iPhone or iPad
- Use the free app to connect your device to ProShow on your desktop
- Available as a free download from the Apple App Store
- Works with iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches running iOS 6 or later
- See key information about the show currently loaded in ProShow:
* Show thumbnail
* Show title
* Number of slides

- Remote control of show playback
* Your show plays back on your desktop, controlled by the app
* Play and pause your show
* Jump to next or previous slides
* Skip to the beginning or end of a show
* See a list of your show's slides in the app
* Jump to any slide by tapping it
* Toggle fullscreen playback on/off
* See overall show progress and the progress through the current slide
* On the iPad, see a large still preview of each slide along with any slide notes
- Import photos + videos from your device into your show
* Easily get content from your device without wires or fuss
* Once connected, visually browse content on your device from within ProShow
* Import content right into your show, or just download to your computer
* Control playback with buttons or gestures by toggling the control mode

- Export finished shows to your device
* Publish videos to your device without worrying about configurations and formats
* No more messing with iTunes or converting/importing videos into your library
* Use ProShow on your desktop to create a video and send it to your device in one easy step
* ProShow automatically determines the formats supported by your device
* Videos are saved on your device, and can be played back anywhere - even without an Internet connection or access to ProShow
* Supports HD video up to 1080p, depending on the device
* Use the app to save published videos to your device's Camera Roll
* Saved videos can be streamed to your TV using Apple's Air Play technology
There are many other changes and improvements on this new version. Visit this page for more info :

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Photodex Proshow Producer v6.34.10 With Mega StylePacks (2015)

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