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Starry Night Pro Plus v7.0.5 (November 12, 2014)

Starry Night Pro Plus v7.0.5 (November 12, 2014)

Starry Night Pro Plus v7.0.5 | 2.11 GB

Starry Night Pro Plus v7.0.5 (Mac OS X)

Features include:

Enhanced observation planner lets you create detailed lists of targets for an observing session

New observation logs allow you to store notes, times, sky conditions, equipment used, and even images on targets

Equipment list allows you to store all scopes, eyepieces, binoculars, and accessories

LiveSky panel lets you see up-to-date images of the Sun and Earth from ground and space-based observatories

Navigate and open your saved Starry Night files easily with the new "Favorites" panel

View from anywhere on Earth or select from a database of over 8,000 cities

See the sky from any location in the universe up to 700 million light years away

Print personalized star charts of any area in the sky

OpenGL support renders high-end 3D graphics

Create QuickTime movies and export images

16 million stars and corrected NGC/IC catalogs

Online access to 500 million stars

Tycho 2/Hipparcos 3D star database

PGC catalog with 70,000 galaxies

Control most popular brands of computerized telescopes (additional cable required)

What's New Version 7.0.5:

Fixed OSX application hang showing Save dialog.

Fixed incorrect extension search when opening or saving SNF files on ShiChuang.

Fixed an issue with DST setting not persisting


OS X 10.7 or later

128 MB OpenGL 1.4-capable graphics

Starry Night Pro Plus v7.0.5 (Mac OS X)

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