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Sound Ideas The Dark Side Of Sound (Repost)
Sound Ideas The Dark Side Of Sound (Repost)
Sound Effects | 2 CD | .BIN/.CUE (.WAV) | 1.5 GB

The Dark Side of Sound is a delightfully sinister 2 CD royalty free sound effects collection. Its 401 sound effects are designed to be supernatural and spooky. This is a ramped up science fiction and horror sound effects collection of drama & suspense ambiences that includes a full selection of creatures, monsters, ghosts, vampires, zombies, haunted houses as well as lots of very creepy sound effects: Encounters with Evil, Dripping Blood, Ripping Flesh, Graveyards, Coffins, Dungeons, Guillotines, Secret Passageways, Demonic Languages and the ever popular Eerie Whispers - all dark, all the time with The Dark Side of Sound.

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