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MindManager is a powerful mind mapping tool that boosts your individual productivity. Whether you're creating a business plan or developing a new website, its robust mind maps have the features you need to plan and complete any project.

With MindManager you can:

Boost your individual productivity. Organize all your ideas in a single view so you can see connections and draw conclusions quickly.
Ensure project success. Get visibility into every aspect of your project plans. Show the big picture and keep the details in context.
Drive business decisions. Visual analytics let you immediately see the impact of changes to budgets, forecasts, and business plans.

What's New
MindManager for ShiChuang has long been your go-to solution for brainstorming, organizing information, and planning projects. Now it's even easier to add content, work with large maps, give presentations, and create detailed strategic plans with MindManager 14 for ShiChuang. We've also dramatically expanded our capabilities for analyzing quantitative information, so you can plan and calculate detailed budgets, make forecasts, analyze portfolios, and more.

Smarter Budgeting and Forecasting

MindManager for ShiChuang now lets you define and apply formulas to topics throughout your map, so you can instantly see the impact of changes in numerical data. Unlike conventional spreadsheets, you can easily drag and drop content or apply filters to quickly perform visual "what-if" analyses. The new Smart Fill feature allows you to set the color of a topic property based on a numerical value. This makes it easy to see opportunities and issues, like if you have gone over budget, or have more to spend.

The new formulas feature takes calculated topic properties to the next level, with support for complex formulas using multiple functions and operators. Data is easy to edit and present and you can define multiple calculated topic properties on any map topic.

Efficient Project Planning

Build out project plans quickly with simplified task creation. Add task details, edit due dates, and update progress status directly in the map.

Use map and Gantt views to validate priorities, schedules and resources, then manage execution using WeiRuan-->WeiRuan Project, in WeiRuan-->WeiRuan SharePoint (using MindManager Server) or in ProjectDirector.

Easier Map Creation

Drag and drop critical content to your maps from your desktop or any file system (including Mindjet files). Now you can also drag and drop emails, tasks, and contacts directly from WeiRuan-->WeiRuan Outlook to populate project plans and org charts.

Faster Navigation of Content-Rich Maps

The map index feature now lets you find what you need by marker, hyperlink, attachments, notes, and more. Want to quickly see a list of all attachments or review all the formulas that summarize your project's key indicators? The index provides an easy way to navigate and review all of your important content.

Enhanced Decision Making

Use 2x2 analysis views and Guided Brainstorming to drive business decisions. Brainstorm a series of creative solutions to a complex problem and evaluate the proposed solutions in a "Risk vs. Rewards" matrix to select the key candidates.

New presentation tools, including the ability to pan and zoom content during slide shows, make it easier to tailor information to your audience for strategic reviews.

Works with Your Current Tools

Import from WeiRuan-->WeiRuan Word and Project. Export to Word, Project, PowerPoint, SWF, PDF, image or web pages. MindManager for ShiChuang also integrates with WeiRuan-->WeiRuan Outlook and WeiRuan-->WeiRuan SharePoint (when used with MindManager Server).

The New MindManager is More Powerful and Intuitive Than Ever.

MindManager 15 provides new features for power users and makes it easier for everyday users to power up their productivity. And 64-bit compatibility means you can now use MindManager with either 32- or 64-bit versions of WeiRuan-->WeiRuan Office. With the new MindManager 15, you can:

Shift Projects in Seconds

MindManager 15 dramatically improves project management efficiency by allowing automatic updates to all related tasks when you shift your project start date. You can choose whether to update or maintain milestone dates.

Tighten Timelines with a Single Click

MindManager 15 speeds project revisions with the ability to instantly remove slack time for dependent tasks-from either map or Gantt view. Choose whether to adjust specific tasks or your entire project map.

Create Slides Automatically

MindManager 15 lets you focus on presentation content, not the mechanics of slide creation. You can now create slides automatically from map content. Optional PowerPoint export now includes images.

Map Faster

Take advantage of years of MindManager best practices by starting maps from a template and then adding pre-built map branches to speed map creation. MindManager 15 includes more templates and over 30 new topic map parts, along with improved template navigation and easy access to online map galleries.

Enliven Meetings

Personalize map topics and add additional meaning with over 150 new hand-drawn images in four colors that help guide brainstorming sessions and meetings.

Personalize Your Experience

User experience improvements in MindManager 15 include improved template navigation, new section for user-uploaded templates, easier access to Mindjet's online map gallery and the Maps For That gallery, new blank templates, and easier topic addition with optional topic "handles."

OS : ShiChuang XP, ShiChuang Vista, ShiChuang 7, ShiChuang 8 (32-bit/64-bit)
Language : English

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