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Eyeon Fusion & RenderNode 7.0 build 1450

Eyeon Fusion & RenderNode 7.0 build 1450
Eyeon Fusion & RenderNode 7.0 build 1450
Eyeon Fusion & RenderNode 7.0 build 1450 | 122.06 Mb
Eyeon Fusion - a software environment for creating film and video, which has extensive capabilities in the field of special effects and a combination of high-resolution images. Module Rendernode (Renderslave) for network rendering will allow you to create a distributed network of computers with installed package Eyeon Fusion to increase the power when working with video.

Eyeon Fusion & RenderNode 7.0 build 1450
For several years of professional artists - masters in special effects and the film was developed tools to meet their needs related to the production of feature films and commercial broadcast quality.
These specialized tools were connected in the generic software package Digital Fusion. The package is designed to work in areas where use of the moving image (multimedia, broadcast video, film). In Fusion requires a video card with support for graphics standard OpenGL.
Powerful and flexible program for compositing based on Nodaway architecture.
Used in film and video production. Has extensive capabilities in the field of special effects and a combination of high resolution images. A striking example of use of the program is great, traced in detail the explosion in the movie "Password "Swordfish"". A list of movies created using FUSION impressive: "Sin City", "Avatar", "the Guardian of time", "Bunraku" etc,.
With the optional module Соnntction FUSION can ispolzvalsya directly from the timeline in Avid Media Composer.
Support for OFX plug-ins.
The 64-bit version of Fusion will allow you to use more than 4 GB of RAM and the new capabilities of multi-core processors.
Support output video through cost AJA Kona 3G).
Fusion and Everything New in 7
eyeon's flagship compositing environment has been battle-tested on thousands of productions. With eyeon's unique approach to fundamental architectural re-writes to future-proof pipelines and projects, Fusion 7 provides refreshing speed and compelling efficiencies.
Fusion blends 2D tools and 3D systems into a productive and interactive application. The 3D system and renderer import geometry from FBX, Alembic, as well as OBJ, 3DS and Collada. Millions of polygons, complex shaders, Ambient Occlusion, Deep Volumetric Atmospherics, and Particles Systems can all be final rendered quickly using GPUs, in seconds instead of hours.
The ability to have many 3D renderers all in one project, all integrated, all rendering different aspects from the same scene. The same scenes and animation from a 3D application, Fusion will generate Deep Passes like World Position, Normals, UV, and Velocity The flexibility to combine 3D and 2D in a single workflow, to finish and deliver all color calibrated.
Fusion has many features and tools for a studio to streamline, automate and build into their pipeline. Fusion has a built in Render Manager, Scripting engine that supports Python 2.x and 3.x and Lua. A host of useful scripts ship as part of Fusion. Create your own Macro super tools. Manage and Share tools, jobs and footage studio wide using the integrated Bin System.
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