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Dassault Systemes SAFETECH FE-SAFE v6.5 ISO-SSQ

Dassault Systemes SAFETECH FE-SAFE v6.5 ISO-SSQ (9-11-2014)

Dassault Systemes SAFETECH FE-SAFE v6.5 ISO-SSQ | 1.18GB

fe-safe is the technical leader in fatigue analysis software for Finite Element models. fe-safe has been developed continuously since the early 1990's in collaboration with industry to ensure that it continues to set the benchmark for fatigue analysis software.

fe-safe was the first commercially available fatigue analysis software to focus on modern multiaxial strain based fatigue methods. fe-safe provides unique capabilities for thermo-mechanical fatigue and creep-fatigue, the fatigue analysis of composite and rubber materials and the Verity Structural Stress method for welded joints.
fe-safe is renowned for its accuracy, speed, comprehensive capabilities and ease of use.
Regardless of the complexity of your fatigue analysis,
fe-safe fits smoothly into your design process, enabling you to develop products that are designed for durability.
fe-safe offers the user an easy-to-use fatigue analysis suite that provides reliable, accurate fatigue life predictions regardless of the complexity of your analysis

Benefits: fe-safe
With fe-safe as an integrated part of your design process, you have the ability to:
?? ?? ?? optimise designs to use less material
?? ?? ?? reduce product recalls and warranty costs
?? ?? ?? optimise and validate design and test programmes
?? ?? ?? improve correlation between test and analysis within a single user interface
?? ?? ?? reduce prototype test times
?? ?? ?? speed up analysis times, thereby reducing man-time hours
?? ?? ?? increase confidence that your product designs pass their test schedules as "right first time"
?? ?? ?? reduce reliance on physical testing


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