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QuarkXPress 10.1.1 (Mac OS X) Multilingual Language

QuarkXPress 10.1.1 (Mac OS X) Multilingual Language

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Quark company released a new version of its flagship publishing QuarkXPress v10.0. Traditionally , over the years , the system used for QuarkXPress layout and prepress materials for printing and web- sites. This software has undergone substantial revision , it contains more than 50 enhancements - from the graphics engine to the user interface . Each element 10 is optimized for QuarkXPress high resolution screens and HiDPI Retina, which are equipped with new stations Mac Book Pro.

QuarkXPress - a powerful
publishing system , with its intuitive interface and expanded set of tools for word processing, color management and graphic elements, and designing web- pages. QuarkXPress is widely used in books, newspaper and magazine publishing, advertising and marketing agencies, design firms and printing houses .
In addition to tools for creating iPad- application package QuarkXPress offers customers the export utility called ePub, which allows you to create the final product in the form of e-books. Among other things , the utility ePub support such popular platforms for distribution and viewing of electronic publications , as iBooks, Kindle and Nook.
Additional Information:
Striving to achieve the ideal in all company Quark continues to improve one of the most effective programs in the segment for web designers , editors and designers. Remaining the most reliable tool for printing millions of publishers, the new edition of QuarkXPress has become the most simple and powerful solution for digital design . Layout and publishing have been changed forever the increasing popularity of e-books , the rapid spread of smartphones and seductive interactivity worlds most popular tablet iPad.
Thats why QuarkXPress 10 focused on multiplatform publishing . Usual set of features QuarkXPress has been optimized to match the modern style of work : now besides print layouts , web- pages and Flash users able to create electronic books, well-structured articles for smartphones and iPad- grade applications. QuarkXPress 10 optimizes workspace users due to easy control palettes : leaving the right buttons and removing unnecessary , you can for a few seconds to increase workspace without loss of functionality ! Responding to modern trends of speed and efficiency , QuarkXPress offers 10 built-in function ImageGrid, custom conditional styles , hundreds of keyboard accelerators , Drag and drop technology and many other features .
Man is always striving for the ideal . Inspired by this desire , the company has developed a unique program Quark for layout and design , which will help users to achieve the best results - QuarkXPress 10 .
With QuarkXPress , you can 10
- Work quickly and efficiently - Use the advanced functionality that allows to perform daily tasks with greater accuracy.
- Master multiplatform publishing - Design e-books for all modern readers , prepare bright illustrated articles for smartphones and iPad- create full-fledged applications - all this was possible in the new edition of QuarkXPress.
- Empower the layout and design - Easily import or create your own layout grid for graphics with built-in function ImageGrid.
Create e-books in ePub
EPub export utility allows you to create the final product in the form of e-books , supporting the popular platforms such as iBooks, Kindle and Nook. The advanced creative tools the user can work with forms and images faster than ever was , supplying books bright illustrations and index.
Design and publication for the Blio eReader
Embodied in the life of a rich , interactive design for eReader Blio - the most accessible and universal platform on the market - the easiest way to create rich , well-structured e-books and make them available to readers around the world , no matter what device they use.
Preparation of publications for the iPad
Module App Studio allows you to create full magazines, newspapers and books for the tablet iPad. Only thanks to QuarkXPress 9 designer can use familiar tools to convert existing layouts in rich, interactive publishing , or create your own iPad- publication from scratch.
Now, designers can :
- Feel the freedom of using the new intuitive interface of QuarkXPress
- Use the built -in Web authoring and Flash tools , print content across media .
- To create stunningly decorated texts , using the designer control over typography .
- Work quickly and efficiently with the help of Illustrator file import and support for Photoshop ; improved tools for working with images, illustrations and text ; fully customizable control characters ; advanced baseline grids, and other functions.
- To publish around the world, using dictionaries and hyphenation for more than 30 languages ??; using a common file format , open and print a project created anywhere in the world in QuarkXPress 8 and set the quality of the East Asia layout and typography .
- Intuitive interface
- Built-in Web and Flash authoring tools
- Create amazing sformlennyh texts through its control over typography
- Importing Adobe Illustrator files and support for Adobe Photoshop
- Improved tools for working with images , illustrations and text
- Fully customizable control symbols
- Improved baseline grid
- The use of dictionaries and hyphenation
- And many other features
New Releases QuarkXPress 10:
- Graphics processor Xenon adaptation permits images
- Support for Retina displays and HiDPI
- Updated user-friendly graphical interface
- Through transparency PDF
- Editor QR- quotes
- Import images and hyperlinks from MS Word
- East Asian typography in each version
- Over 50 enhancements and new features
In addition , QuarkXPress 10 was the first product from which Quark began implementation in its range of new graphics engine Xenon Graphics Engine. Designed from the ground it is much , compared with 10 QuarkXPress , improves processing raster and vector files (PDF, AI, TIFF, JPG, PNG, PSD and many others) , and Adaptive Resolution function allows you to always , in real time without degrading performance , display graphics in the best screen resolution .
Xenon Graphics Engine fully realizes the advantages of modern computer hardware , including specialized coprocessors vector , multi-core, multi-threading , SSE3 and Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX).
The press release highlights the updated on-screen interface with advanced configuration and placement of palettes conveniently implemented fullscreen view , Page Navigator function to simplify working with multipage documents and Measurements Palette settings for more than a hundred parameters in the interface , completely replaces the previous functionality means Modify Dialog .
Among the features of QuarkXPress 10 also referred to import images, and hyperlinks in Microsoft Word, the transfer of transparency in PDF, preview the print result , the allocation of missing fonts , improved support for IME, change the order of layout tabs , improved work with layers and Bezier curves tool , QR Code Creator, Makeup documents in Asian languages ??( vertical line , the phonetic word for word , etc.).
Supported spellchecking and hyphenation languages :
Bulgarian, Catalan , Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (International), English (US), Estonian, Finnish, French (France)
German (Reformed), German (Swiss Reformed), German (Swiss), Greek, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian (Bokmal),Norwegian (Nynorsk)
Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Portuguese (European),Portuguese (Reformed), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish (Spain), Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian
System requirements:
Mac OS 10.7.5 (Lion ), Mac OS X 10.8.x (Mountain Lion ), Mac OS 10.9.x (Mavericks )
Mac Intel processor
2GB RAM or higher
2GB hard disk space

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