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Cadence Orcad Allegro 16.6 + hotfix 16

Cadence Orcad Allegro 16.6 + hotfix 16
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Cadence Orcad in version 16.6. Had big problems finding this myself, so i thought i add it here. I have removed the password protected rar file from the original share (I hate those assholes doing that). I have also tested it under win7 and it is currently working fine.

Including hotfix 16!!!!!!!!!!!

The licens manager hack gives you access to everything in the cadence SPB package.

for more info

1. Install (License Manager) skipping license installation.

2. Install program (Cadence SPB 16.6).

3. Copy entire contents of folder "AspirinCadenceLicenseManager" to "C:CadenceLicenseManager" overwriting existing files. (If copying stops on file in use, stop "Cadence License Manager" service in computer management/services)

4. Copy entire contents of folder "AspirinCadenceSPB_16.6tools" to C:CadenceSPB_16.6tools". Locate and run with administrative rights the "Tools.cmd" script in destination folder.
The script runs from 1 to 5 minutes depending on the speed of your computer.

5. In folder "AspirinCadenceLicGen", use a text editor to open file "src.lic".
Change "this-host name" to the real name of your computer.
Save the file.

6. In folder "AspirinCadenceLicGen", find and run script "LicGen.cmd". This will generate a license file "license.lic".

7. Start the license server configuration program: Start -> Programs -> Cadence -> License Manager -> License Server Configuration Utility. Specify the "license.lic" file as generated in the previous step. Click Next. You should see message indicating the successful startup of the license server.

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