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Objective-C Essential Training UPDATED 2013

Objective-C Essential Training UPDATED 2013

Objective-C Essential Training UPDATED 2013 | 1.00 GB

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There are a lot of programming languages ??out there, but Objective- C is the best choice for developers who want to develop iOS and OS X apps. This course is your primer. Get the tools you need, learn the structure of Objective-C, and get your first code up and running. Author Simon Allardice also walks you through the Foundation framework, a collection of prewritten code that makes the coding process easier; shows you how to design and build your own classes; and provides memory management techniques-the key to efficient programming. Plus, learn how to make your way around Xcode 5, the app to write, test, and debug Objective-C, and into advanced features like categories, protocols, and dynamic typing. Software developers on iOS and OS X is useful to know the language Objective- C.

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What you Should know

: 1. Getting Started
Installing the tools
Creating your first application
Introduction to Xcode
Using Objective-C frameworks

2. Core Concepts
Why use Objective-C?
The structure of an Objective-C program
Compiling and Building your application

3. Basic Syntax
Logging messages and using Format Strings
The if statement
Using Switch statements
and expressions Operators
Working with Loops
Creating functions
Using code snippets

4. Variables and Data Types
Data types in Objective-C
Numeric Data types
Using chars and BOOL
Understanding variable scope in Objective-C
Creating enumerations
Using string objects

5. Working with Objects
Introduction to object-orientation terms
Using pointers
Messages and Method Calls
Using Classes in the Foundation framework

6. Memory Management
Memory Management in Objective-C
Object-creation (instantiation) options
autoreleased objects

7. Creating Custom Classes
Creating your own Classes
Adding Methods
Adding class Properties
Using object initializers and keywords
Using dealloc Methods

8. Using Collections
Working with C-style arrays
Using Objective-C array Classes
Creating dictionary objects
Fast Enumeration

9. Working with Files
Introduction to file Management
Finding the User directories
File and URL paths
Reading and writing Strings
Custom Archiving objects to A file
unarchiving objects

10. Language Features
Inheritance and overriding in Objective-C
Adding categories to an existing class
class Using Extensions
Using protocols
Dynamic Typing in Objective-C

11. Errors and Debugging
Common compile-time errors and warnings
Adding exception Handling
Adding breakpoints and debugging code

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