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DHI MIKE Urban 2012 SP3 by vandit

DHI MIKE Urban 2012 SP3 by vandit

DHI MIKE Urban 2012 SP3 | 4.5 Gb

MIKE URBAN is a flexible system for modeling and design of water distribution networks and collection systems for wastewater and storm water.

MIKE URBAN - combines DHI's 20-year tradition of leadership in simulation engines with ESRI's world leading GIS technology. The result is a software product that defines a new industry standard in modeling water distribution and urban drainage networks. MIKE URBAN is the urban water modelling software of choice when the important parameters for model selection are usability, work flow, openness, flexibility and GIS integration as well as physical soundness, efficiency and stability of simulation engines.
With MIKE URBAN you have:
- GIS-based model building and management
- Powerful hydraulic simulation engines
- Integrated water quality, fire flow, real time control and water hammer simulation (water distribution)
- Integrated water quality, sediment transport, real-time control, dynamic pipe design and long-term statistics (collection systems)
- Full undo and redo capability in all editors
- Thematic mapping and integrated dynamic result visualisation
- Open data models - easy integration with other applications
Fixed issues in DHI MIKE Urban 2012 Service Pack 3:
Please note that the service packs are accumulative, i.e. corrections and fixes released with a previous service pack are included in the newest service pack as well.
- In rare cases the license system consumes a large amount of memory
- Result verification sometimes fails
- Sediment Transport results (*.SRF-files) cannot be loaded
- Min and max water level cannot be plotted on longitudinal profiles for SWMM results
- PumpInfoValues displays incomplete data for the pump curve.
- Pipe Criticality tool cannot be used with Global settings
- MOUSE ST calculations can hang shortly after start
- MOUSE does not detect Pressurized Collection System simulations and provides correct error messages
- Pump solutions can sometimes becomes unstable
- The water level of MOUSE Tail Node level is not set correctly for pressurized networks having multiple/intermediate tail nodes and gravity sections
- User Written Control (UWC) does not work for some UWC dll's with 64-bit MOUSE engine
- Floating point numbers from Oracle are imported as integers
- Problems exporting some database tables to Excel
- Using the office module in a PCS simulation (Pressurized Collection System) is not possible
- The geometric network would sometimes not be destroyed before switching scenarios
- EPANET hydrant has problems reporting Q-H curve in a partial range

About MIKE by DHI software
MIKE by DHI software is the result of years of experience and dedicated development. It transforms science into practice and gives you the competitive edge. MIKE by DHI truly models the world of water - from mountain streams to the ocean and from drinking water to sewage.

Name: DHI MIKE Urban
Version: 2012 SP3 (including ESRI ArcGIS 10.1 SP1)

Interface: english
OS: ShiChuang XP / Vista / Seven
Size: 4.5 Gb

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