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iNTERNET Turbo 2012 Portable
iNTERNET Turbo 2012 Portable | 6.64 Mb

iNTERNET Turbo?includes a 揊orever Connected?features which prevents you from being disconnected by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Most ISPs have some sort of inactivity timeout in which they will disconnect you after a fixed period of time in which your modem is inactive. How many times have you decided to leave your computer for only a few moments and then only come back to find that somehow you are no longer connected?
How many times have you begun reading something on the Internet and before finishing you get interrupted by the disconnect dialog box? iNTERNET Turbo?prevents those unwanted disconnections by sending and receiving a data package every fixed period of time.

iNTERNET Turbo?2012 is an AWARDS-WINNING Internet solution, which easily solves two of the most well-known Internet problems:
- Slow connection performances.
- Undesirable disconnections.

iNTERNET Turbo?2012 can prevent TCP/IP protocols data transfer from fragmentation. By using it you can boost your Internet connection performances up to 200% (we also got users?reports on 300% improvement).
iNTERNET Turbo?2012 saves you time, money and unwanted frustrations. It's a must have tool for anyone who uses an Internet connection and hates having to deal with slow connections and endless buffering. With iNTERNET Turbo?2012 you can boost any Internet related software activities such as web browsing, downloading files, watching videos, files streaming and sharing and many more.?Moreover it also prevents an undesirable disconnection.
iNTERNET Turbo?2012 is being used by people all over the world and the reviews are amazing. It Includes a very intuitive and simple to operate user interface and a comprehensive help file.

1. Supports all software and hardware adapters.
2. Easily restores the default Windows settings.
3. Automatic wizards to configure Dial-Up/LAN/ISDN/Cable/xDSL and more.
4. A manual mode to configure Dial-Up/LAN/ISDN/Cable/xDSL and more.
5. Includes easy registry backup.
6. Fixes MTU, MSS, TCPWindowSize, SynAttackProtect & KeepAliveInterval.
7. Fixes GlobalMaxTcpWindowSize, EnablePMTUDiscovery & EnablePMTUBHDetect
8. Fixes DefaultTTL, EnableICMPRedirect, MaxConnectionsPerServer & KeepAliveTime
9. Prevents you from being disconnected by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).
10. Includes a comprehensive help file.
11. Supports Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000.

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