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Print Window Advanced 5.0 (Mac OS X)

Print Window Advanced 5.0 (Mac OS X) | 15MB

Print Window offers the ability to print a file listing directly from within the Mac OS X Finder. No more taking screenshots of windows or settling for text-only printouts of filenames only. Print Window provides the works: icons, file information, sorting and so much more!

INTEGRATED - Print Window works seamlessly with the Mac OS X Finder. Create a file listing directly from the Finder using several different methods including the Dock menu or using a keyboard shortcut.

EASY - Print Window is very easy to use. It even allows you to save defaults so that you don't have to mess with common settings over and over again. Set it once and go!

FLEXIBLE - Print Window allows you to create file listings that look just the way you want them to. You decide what gets printed and what doesn't.

MULTITALENTED - Print Window isn't just for plain-jane file listings. You can also create CD jewel case and DVD case covers and even save file listings as text or Microsoft Excel files!

What's New
Version 5.0:

Added a "Drop Window". File listings can now be initiated by dropping a folder from the Finder into this window.
Implemented Presets. These replace the old "Save as Defaults" option and allow the user to save multiple different file listing settings for quick recall.
Implemented a Print Window Status Menu. This is an icon that appears in the upper-right corner of the menu bar. It allows quick access to Print Window and Print Window presets from the Finder.
Underlying print engine now uses a new threading model and, in most cases, is much faster (up to 800% faster than Print Window 4 in testing).
Print Window now allows the user to select the grid size to use when printing using the "Thumbnails" style.
The "Thumbnails" style will now work with video files. Print Window will print the poster frame of video files, if available, otherwise it will use the QuickLook preview for the movie.

Intel, OS X 10.7 or later



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