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Autodesk Maya 2014 SP4 for Mac [Multi]

Autodesk Maya 2014 SP4 for Mac [Multi]

Autodesk Maya 2014 SP4 for Mac [Multi] | 1.26 GB
Language: English, Japanese , Chinese

Autodesk Maya 2014 - more creativity in the creative process of the artist. Autodesk Maya 2014 helps artists and developers to create content to meet the growing expectations of the modern audience. The new 2014 version of the product includes an expanded set of integrated functions for the simulation.

Autodesk Maya 2014 provides a comprehensive set of creative tools for 3D- animation, modeling , rendering, and compositing as extensible production platform. Maya has the display technologies of the next generation , accelerated workflow modeling , as well as new tools for handling complex data.
New Features
Grease Pencil
Grease Pencil is one of the most natural 3D- animation tools , used for fast application of animated overlays and sketches directly in 3D- scenes. The tool allows you to draw directly in the viewport capture poses and view parts of the attenuation transitions. Streaking automatically stored as a sequence of plane images used as the basis for creating 3D-animation . Participants protsesa without experience in 3D- applications, such as directors, will be able to add notes to working materials and notes.

Alignment and symmetry compounds
Snap to Projected Center - a new binding mode that allows you to automatically align the compound grids , increasing accuracy in the formation of all types of objects and manipulating them. Joint tool now has new options that create a symmetrical sequence of connections. In meshes easily tsnetriruyutsya articulation skeletal elements and their sequence.

Accelerated workflow modeling
Maya 2014 is based on sales in the toolkit from NEX dRaster technology includes an advanced set of features, which accelerate the process of modeling. Panel Modeling Toolkit provides centralized access to the tools of choice, editing and transformation grids. Symmetry tools provide the opportunity to work with oriented grids. Grids will help to rebuild the topology tool Quad Draw. Combined tool to split / trim edges and insert sequences closed Multi-Cut edges will reduce the number of actions performed with the mouse .

Surface and volume attributes Paint Effects
The ability to automatically control method vozaimodeystviya strokes Paint Effects with volumes , surfaces and with each other that allows you to create complex natural effects such as electrical sparks , and vascular system. Surface Snap allows you to make sure that the tubular elements begin to form from the nearest surface points. Surface Attract forces trebchatye elements adhere to the surface or wrapped around it. Surface Collide protects tubular elements from penetrating the surface and attaches Make Collide Paint Effects strokes kind of repulsive surface. Based on the algorithm of Space Colonization - Occupation helps avoid intersections and organizes tubular elements for distribution on the surface or in the bulk .

Superior Node Editor
Special Editor for easier editing, and debugging network nodes. The possibility of mapping grid and snap to it , forming a custom grid and specify colors the background have also become more comfortable kobinatsii keys , improved display names.

Layout Tools scenes , working with intelligent data
With the new layout tools to easily create complex scenes , big worlds . For each production facility that are treated as discrete elements , is fully supported by several representations . Implemented convenient switching between views , allowing for each task to choose the most optimal balance between performance and image quality . Each level layout scene supports the ability to edit , query, and animation. Overriding layout tracked through improved system Edits, allows you to interact more effectively.

Improved handling of file paths
New ways Editor performs faster diagnosis and corrects incorrect path. Work with the stored files remotely is also possible thanks to the support URI. Editor interface contains a listing of sites that use the deleted files - image plane , texture , sound clips and links. File not found in the specified path can be quickly found , including recursively through the folder structure . Thanks to the support URI can access files on non-standard ways - web address database , cloud storage , globally unique identifiers , etc.

Whats new:
Important notes:
This service pack is a full product installation on all operating systems. Uninstall your existing Maya application before installing this release.
This service pack is a complete product and includes all the latest updates . To install SP 4 must uninstall the previous version.

Whats Fixed
The following list contains bug numbers and corresponding descriptions for issues fixed in this release.
MAYA- 22492
Play every frame, maximum real-time inaccurate when looping - Animation General
MAYA- 27405
Triggering evaluation on one shape in a blendShape triggers them all (performance improvement) - Animation General
MAYA- 27808
Fixed issue with Autokey mode and Undo in Channel Box (sliders) - Animation General
MAYA- 29214
Correct performance of buffer curves when modifying selection with new optionVar - Animation General
MAYA- 29407
Only the first blendShape works - Animation General
MAYA- 29420
Sequencer playback stutters when in real time mode - Animation General
MAYA- 29710
Paint blendShape weights tool disconnects second target shape on object - Animation General
MAYA- 30956
Euler filter doesnt work with layers - Animation General
MAYA- 31773
AnimLayers: Cant copy / paste keys for boolean and enum attributes - Animation General
MAYA- 33681
Setting attributes with auto key enabled requires two undos to remove the key - Animation General
MAYA- 33805
HIK rigs dont have BPKGs on the FK nodes - Animation General
MAYA- 34285
Maya HIK scaling baked curves in Graph Editor causes crash - Animation General
MAYA- 30258
Improper call to kAfterNew message where it appears at startup - API
MAYA- 30581
Obj export with file node connected to lambert breaks on import (manual editing required to correct) - Data Transfer
MAYA- 33917
Using DirectConnect from command line raises license issue - DirectConnect
MAYA- 28616
Fixed issues with exporting construction history on selected nodes - File I / O
MAYA- 23602
Unable to remove references from Outliner context menu (previously resolved by browsing to the file) - File Referencing
MAYA- 26142
QtOpenGL issue where the viewport conforms to the QtWindow size - Foundation
MAYA- 30003
MEL memory read error causes crash - Foundation
MAYA- 14397
Fixed memory issues with unassigned return values - MEL
MAYA- 13111
Fixed crash with mayabase.dll and ramp shader - mental ray
MAYA- 31064
ImagePlane casts shadows when rendered in mental ray - mental ray
MAYA- 29629
Single frame performance lag in solve - nHair
MAYA- 13670
HLSL Shader plugin failed to find shader that is in folder with scene file - Rendering
MAYA- 24366
Fixed crash with Delete Edge Tool (polyengine / TpolyGeom getVertex) - Rendering
MAYA- 29829
Draw issue with face normals on inverted faces-Rendering
MAYA- 30176
PSD layers drop-down menu does not with with DX11 shader - Rendering
MAYA- 30304
Update problem in Viewport 2.0 with shader assignment to unconnected faces in component mode on a poly object - Rendering
MAYA- 30966
Fixed issue with Viewport 2.0 and Undo workflows that caused displays to be out of sync - Rendering
MAYA- 31059
Fixed performance issues with Interactive Sequence caching option in File node - Rendering
MAYA- 29623
Deleting scene assemblies connected to undeletable nodes allows undeletable nodes to be deleted - Scene Assembly
MAYA- 29321
Fix listAttr to work when a node has greater than 2 15 attributes-Scripting
MAYA- 31350
Fix renameAttr and Save As functionality for nodes with greater than 2 15 attributes - Scripting
MAYA- 33012
Baked noise infinite loop fix - XGen
MAYA- 33013
Animated influence curve fix - XGen

Release took place : February 11, 2014
Publication Type : Mac OS X Software
Supported OS : Mac OS X 10.7.x +
Developer : Autodesk Inc.
Language: English, Japanese , Chinese

Treatment: Complete
Type of medicine : patch / crack / Others

System requirements :
Mac OS X 10.7.x, 10.8.x or 10.9
64 -bit Intel processor
4 GB of RAM minimum ( 8 GB recommended)
2 GB of free disk space for installation
Safari web browser
3 -button mouse

Autodesk Maya 2014 SP4 for Mac [Multi]

Autodesk Maya 2014 SP4 for Mac [Multi]


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