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Giuliano Carmignola - Vivaldi - Le Quattro Stagioni / Le humane passioni / Concerti Per Le Solennita (3CD) (2008)
Artist: Giuliano Carmignola
Title: Vivaldi - Le Quattro Stagioni / Le humane passioni / Concerti Per Le Solennita
Year Of Release: 2008
Label: Brilliant Classics
Genre: Classical
Quality: APE (image+.cue) / MP3 320 Kbps
Total Time: 03:20:30
Total Size: 975 Mb / 454 Mb
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CD1: Il cimento dell'armonia e dell'inventione, including le Quattro Stagioni
Concerto Op.8 No.1 in E major La Primavera (Spring)
1. Allegro 3:15
2. Largo e pianissimo sempre 2:18
3. Danza pastorale, allegro 3:48
Concerto Op.8 No.2 in G minor L'Estate (Summer)
4. Allegro non molto 5:06
5. Adagio- presto 2:12
6. Presto, tempo impetuoso d'estate 2:28
Concerto Op.8 No.3 in F major L'Autunno (Autumn)
7. Allegro 4:48
8. Adagio 2:37
9. Allegro, La Caccia 3:00
Concerto Op.8 No.4 in F minor L'Inverno (Winter)
10. Allegro non molto 3:11
11. Largo 1:48
12. Allegro 2:55
Concerto for 3 violins, viola & b.c. in F major RV 551
13. Allegro 4:28
14. Andante 2:20
15. Allegro 2:57
Concerto for strings & D minor RV 128
16. Allegro non molto 2:37
17. Largo 1:19
18. Allegro 1:29

CD2: Le humane passioni
Violin Concerto in E minor RV 227 Il Favorito
1. Allegro 4:43
2. Andante 4:10
3. Allegro 4:32
Violin Concerto in D major RV 234 L'Inquietudine
4. Allegro molto 2:12
5. Largo 1:34
6. Allegro 2:46
Violin Concerto in C minor RV 199 Il Sospetto
7. Allegro 4:03
8. Andante 2:18
9. Allegro 2:41
Violin Concerto in E major RV 271 L'Amoroso
10. Allegro 3:55
11. Cantabile 3:13
12. Allegro 3:35
Violin Concerto in C major RV 180 Il Piacere
13. Allegro 2:50
14. Largo e cantabile 2:46
15. Allegro 2:39
Concerto For Strings & b.c. in G minor RV 153 Originale
16. Allegro 2:20
17. Andante 2:13
18. Allegro assai 1:30

CD3: Concerti Per Le Solennita
Concerto "Per la Solennita della S. Lingua di S. Antonio in Padua"in D major RV 212
1. Allegro 5:08
2. Grave 3:03
3. Allegro 4:55
Concerto 'Il Riposo-per il Santo Natale"in E major RV 270
4. Allegro 4:17
5. Adagio 1:06
6. Allegro 2:24
Concerto "Per la Solennita di S. Lorenzo" in F major RV286
7. Largo molto e spiccato 5:32
8. Largo 3:11
9. Allegro non molto 4:56
Concerto in due Cori "Per la Santissima Assunzione di Maria Vergine"in D major RV582
10. Allegro 5:22
11. Grave 2:31
12. Allegro 5:00
Concerto in due Cori "Per la Santissima Assunzione di Maria Vergine"in C major RV581
13. Adagio e staccato-allegro ma poco poco 5:15
14. Largo 3:51
15. Allegro 4:25
Concerto "LDBV"(Grosso Mogul) in D major RV208
16. Allegro 4:57
17. Grave, recitativo 2:20
18. Allegro 6:31

Giuliano Carmignola, violin
Senatori de la gioiosa Marca
Andrea Marcon, harpsichord & organ

Dutch label Brilliant tends to issue giant budget box sets, with mixed results. This one, collecting a group of 1990s recordings originally appearing on the small Divox label from Switzerland, has some of the characteristic flaws (like random booklet notes that don't match up with the music involved), but it actually assembles three discs' worth of music that belongs together in a single program. What you get here is an unusually broad range of insight into Vivaldi as a programmatic or representational composer. The program begins with the most famous Vivaldi work of all, programmatic or not, the four violin concertos known as Le Quattro Stagioni or the Four Seasons. The rest of the music is much rarer. The second disc presents a set of five concertos grouped under the title "Le Humane Passioni" -- the Human Passions. They are comparable to Couperin's subtle personifications of emotion, but they are not written in a French style. Instead, they are just as imaginative as the Four Seasons within the restrains of the typical three-movement concerto form. The most performed of the group is the Violin Concerto in D major, RV 234, "L'inquietudine," with its tumultuous quality, but equally enjoyable is the Violin Concerto in E major, RV 271, which seems almost to poke fun at the lovestruck personality. These concertos deserve to be played a bit more expressively than the way they're heard here in performances by a group of musicians all from the Venice area, but they don't get in the music's way; violinist Giuliano Carmignola is one of the few violinists to have made a successful transition to Baroque-style playing from a conventional background. The final disc contains five concertos written for performance in churches, plus one odd Concerto "LDVB" (Grosso Mogul) in D major, RV 208, apparently added to fill out the disc. These date from various phases of Vivaldi's career, and listeners may find it difficult to detect a specific sacred style; the Concerto "Per la Solennita della S. Lingua di S. Antonio in Padua," RV 212 (CD 3, tracks 1-3), an early work, pushes the violin to the high extremes of its range. The set as a whole permanently puts to rest the old saw that Vivaldi wrote the same concerto 500 times; there are sharper Vivaldi recordings out there, but this one delivers a large number of exceptionally interesting concertos at a budget price.

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