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Nat King Cole - The Complete Capitol Recordings Of The Nat King Cole Trio 1942-1961 (18CD Box Set 1991 Mosaic)

Nat King Cole - The Complete Capitol Recordings Of The Nat King Cole Trio 1942-1961 (18CD Box Set 1991 Mosaic)
18 CDs | Release: 1991 | MP3 320 Kpbs | 44.1 Khz | Joint-Stereo | 2.92 GB
Genre: Jazz


CD 01

01. Vom, Vim, Veedle (A1)
02. All For You (A1)

04. Beautiful Moons Ago (B1)

07. F.S.T. (Fine, Sweet & Tasty) (C1)
08. My Lips Remember Your Kisses (C1)
09. Got A Penny (C1)

11. Straighten Up And Fly Right (D1)

15. Sweet Lorraine (E1)
16. Embraceable You (E1)
17. Embraceable You (Alt.) (E1)

CD 02

01. Tha Man I Love (F1)
02. Body And Soul (F1)
03. Prelude In C Sharp Minor (F1)
04. What Is This Thing Called Love (F1)

07. Easy Listening Blues (G1)
08. I Realize Now (G1)
09. Please Consider Me (H1)
10. Bring Another Drink (H1)

13. Katusha (I1)
14. It Only Happens Once (I1)

CD 03

01. Barcarolle (K1)
02. To A Wild Rose (K1)
03. Sweet Georgia Brown (K1)

05. It Only Happens Once (K1)
06. (I Call My Papa) Fla-Ga-La-Pa (L1)
07. It Is Better To Be By Yourself (L1)
08. It Is Better To Be By Yourself (M1)
09. Come To Baby, Do (M1)
10. The Frim Fram Sauce (M1)
11. Homeward Bound (N1)

13. This Way Out (N1)
14. I Know That You Know (N1)

17. Oh, But I Do (O1)
18. How Does It Feel? (O1)
19. You Must Be Blind (O1)

CD 04

01. Loan Me Two Till Tuesday (O1)

05. (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 (P1)

07. F.S.T (Opening Theme) (Q1)
08. F.S.T. (Closing Theme) (Q1)
09. Just You, Just Me (Alt Tk) (R1)
10. Just You, Just Me (R1)

12. Rex Rhumba (R1)

14. Chant Of The Blues (Dog-Gone Unlucky Blues) (R1)
15. Roak-A-Bye Baby (R1)
16. Lester Leaps In (R1)

18. I Want To Be Happy (R1)
19. I Know That You Know (R1)

CD 05

02. To A Wild Rose (Alt.) (S1)
03. To A Wild Rose (S1)
04. Baby, Baby All The Time (S1)

06. This Way Out (T1)
07. Baby, Baby All The Time (T1)
08. Somebody Loves Me (T1)
09. Too Marvelous For Words (T1)
10. Honeysuckle Rose(T1)
11. How Does It Feel? (T1)
12. Loan Me Two Till Tuesday (T1)

14. You Name It (T1)

17. Baby, Baby All The Time (Alt.) (U1)
18. Baby, Baby All The Time (U1)
19. Oh, But I Do (U1)

CD 06

01. Rex Rhumba (U1)
02. How High The Moon (V1)
03. You Call It Madness (But I Call It Love) (V1)

06. Body And Soul (V1)
07. On The Sunny Side Of The Street (V1)

09. Homeward Bound (V1)
10. What Is This Thing Called Love? (W1)
11. Mabel, Mabel (W1)

13. Beautiful Moons Ago (X1)
14. I Got Rhythm (X1)

17. How Deep Is The Ocean (X1)
18. (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 (X1)
19. Cole Slaw (X1)

CD 07

02. You Call It Madness
03. Homeward Bound
04. Chant of the Blues (Dog-Gone Unlucky Blues)
05. The Christmas Song
06. You Should Have Told Me
07. The Best Man
08. The Christmas Song (ver)
09. You Should Have Told Me (A2)
10. (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons
11. In The Cool of the Evening

14. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
15. I Want to Thank You Folks

17. Come In Out of the Rain

CD 08

01. You Be You (But Let Me Be Me) (G2)

03. Give Me Twenty Nickles (H2)

06. Naughty Angeline (I2)
07. I Miss You So (I2)

09. Honeysuckle Rose (J2)
10. Thanks For You (J2)

12. For Once In Your Life (J2)
13. I Think You Get What I Mean (K2)

15. Now He Tells Me (K2)

17. When I Take My Sugar To Tea (L2)
18. Rhumba Azul (L2)

CD 09

01. I Never Had A Chance (L2)
02. This Is My Night To Dream (M2)

06. Ooh, Kickeroonie (N2)

08. Too Marvelous For Words (N2)
09. Three Little Words (O2)
10. Moonlight In Vermont (O2)
11. Poor Butterfly (O2)
12. How High The Moon (O2)

14. These Foolish Things (O2)
15. Cole Capers (O2)
16. Blues In My Shower (O2)
17. I Wanna Be A Friend Of Yours (P2)
18. Ke Mo Ki Mo (The Magic Song) (P2)
19. Three Blind Mice (P2)

CD 10

02. My Baby Likes To Be-Bop (And I Like To Be-Bop Too) (Q2)
03. Harmony (Q2)

06. (Go To Sleep) My Sleepy Head (R2)
07. Nature Boy (R2)
08. Wildroot Charlie (R2)
09. Nursery Rhymes: Mary Had A Little Lamb/London Bridge/Go In And Out The Window/Pop
Goes The Weasel (S2)
10. Old MacDonald Had A Farm (S2)
11. The Three Trees (S2)
12. Laguna Mood (S2)

14. Now He Tells Me (T2)

16. Lament In Chords (U2)

18. Baby, I Need You (U2)

CD 11

01. Love Nest (V2)
02. Dream A Little Dream Of Me (V2)

04. Money Is Honey (W2)
05. Little Girl (W2)

07. No Moon At All (W2)
08. I Feel So Smoochie (X2)

10. When You Walked Out With Shoes On (X2)

16. The Geek (Z2)
17. Confess (Z2)
18. If I Had You (Z2)
19. Flo And Joe (A3)
20. If You Stub Your Toe On The Moon (A3)

CD 12

02. I See By The Papers (A3)
03. Return Trip (A3)
04. A Woman Always Understands (A3)

06. Blue And Sentimental (B3)

08. My Fair Lady (B3)
09. I Wish I Had The Blues Again (B3)

11. Lost April (C3)
12. Lost April (D3)
13. Lillette (D3)
14. Monday Again (D3)
15. Lulubelle (D3)

17. Portrait Of Jennie (E3)
18. It Only Happens Once (E3)
19. My Mother Told Me (E3)
20. Bang Bang Boogie (E3)

CD 13

01. Portait Of Jennie (F3)

03. An Old Piano Plays The Blues (F3)
04. How Lonely Can You Get? (F3)
05. Laugh! Cool Clown (G3)
06. Bop-Kick (G3)
07. For All We Know (G3)
08. Land Of Love (Come My Love And Live With Me) (H3)
09. Lush Life (H3)
10. Lillian (H3)

14. Etymology (The Language Of Love) (I3)
15. Peaches (I3)
16. Last But Not Least (I3)
17. I Wake Up Screaming, Dreaming Of You (I3)
18. It Was So Good While It Lasted (J3)
19. I Get Sentimental Over Nothing (J3)
20. Who Do You Know In Heaven (That Made You The Angel You Are?) (J3)

CD 14

01. Your Voice (J3)
02. A Little Yellow Ribbon (In Her Hair) (J3)
03. My Mother Told Me (K3)
04. Exactly Like You (K3)
05. Part Of Me (K3) [03:24]
06. What Have You Got In Those Eyes? (K3) [02:34]
07. Top Hat Bop (K3) [03:15]
08. Go Bongo (K3) [03:06]
09. Rhumba Blues (K3)
10. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (K3)
11. All I Want For Christmas (Is My Two Front Teeth) (L3)

13. Bang Bang Boogie (L3)
14. (Here Is My Heart) Nalani (M3)
15. The Horse Told Me (M3)

17. Calypso Blues (M3)
18. Mule Train (N3)
19. My Baby Just Cares For Me (N3)
20. For You My Love (O3)
21. Can I Come In For A Second? (O3)

CD 15

02. I Almost Lost My Mind (P3)
03. A Little Bit Independent (P3)

05. Twisted Stockings (P3)

07. Third Finger, Left Hand (Q3)
08. After My Laughter Came Tears (Q3)
09. Calico Sal (Q3)
10. Peaches (Q3)

12. All Aboard (Q3)
13. Ooh Kickeroonie (Q3)

15. The Greatest Inventor Of Them All (R3)

17. Time Out For Tears (S3)
18. Orange Colored Sky (T3)
19. Jam-Bo (T3)

CD 16

01. Paint Yourself A Rainbow (V3)
02. Destination Moon (V3)

04. Wish I Were Somebody Else (X3)

07. A Robin And A Rainbow And A Red, Red Rose (Y3)
08. The Lighthouse In The Sky (Y3)
09. Pigtails And Freckles (Y3)

11. You Stepped Out Of A Dream (Z3)
12. Where Were You (Z3)

14. Funny (Not Much) (Z3)
15. Penthouse Serenade (A4)
16. Rose Room (A4)
17. Down By The Old Mill Stream (A4)
18. Laura (A4)
19. Polka Dots And Moonbeams (A4)

CD 17

01. Somebody Loves Me (A4)
02. Once In A Blue Moon (A4)
03. If I Should Lose You (A4)

05. Almost Like Being In Love (C4)

08. The Christmas Song (D4)

10. It Could Happen To You (E4)
11. I Surrender Dear (Alt.) (E4)
12. I Surrender Dear (E4)
13. Little Girl (E4)
14. You Can Depend On Me (F4)
15. Candy (F4)
16. Sweet Lorraine (F4)

18. (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 (F4)

CD 18

01. Just You, Just Me (G4)
02. I Was A Little Too Lonely And You Were A Little Too Late (G4)
03. Caravan (H4)
04. The Lonely One (H4)
05. Blame It On My Youth (H4)
06. What Is There To Say? (H4)

08. I Know That You Know (I4)
09. When I Grow Too Old To Dream (I4)
10. Two Loves Have I (I4)

12. In A Mellow Tone (J4)
13. Where Or When (K4)

15. Sweet Lorraine (L4)
16. (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 (M4)
17. Straighten Up And Fly Right (M4)
18. (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons (M4)
19. Embraceable You (M4)

Nat King Cole - The Complete Capitol Recordings Of The Nat King Cole Trio 1942-1961 (18CD Box Set 1991 Mosaic)

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