iShredder™ 4 Professional v4.0.12 b4022
iShredder™ 4 Professional v4.0.12 b4022 | 3,4 MB
Requirements: Android 2.3.3+

With military grade security, wipe and sanitize unwanted files on Android™ devices with ease. iShredder is the best and most popular data eraser app which securely deletes files leaving them irrecoverable. This tool erases your data completely and protects falling into malicious hands. iShredder™ surpasses international standards used by state and military organisations in secure file deletion with a wide selection of tried-and-trusted state-of-the-art deletion algorithms. Each algorithm has been analysed by authorities and independent organisations to make sure it really does what it says on the tin - data destruction beyond redemption.
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Integral Scientific Calculator v1.5 PRO
Integral Scientific Calculator v1.5 PRO | 5,4 MB
Requirements: Android 4.1+

This smart mini calc is an essential tool for students to use in class. Integral calculation, trigonometric functions become easy with advanced scientific calculator fx. This instant calculator also has all the fundamental science constants & their values in addition to its core functions. Quickly look up and insert values without leaving the app. This functionality can also be used on an Android Wear Watch using voice search. To be clear the Android Wear component is a reference search and not a full Wear calculator.
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G-Stomper Studio v5.4.0.7
G-Stomper Studio v5.4.0.7 | 78,2 MB
Requirements: Android 3.1 and up

G-Stomper Studio is a Music Production Tool, highly optimized for doing Electronic Live Performances in Studio Quality. It's a feature packed, Step Sequencer based Drum.
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Gravity Screen Pro - On/Off v3.7.5 (Unlocked)
Gravity Screen Pro - On/Off v3.7.5 (Unlocked) | 2,4 MB
Requirements: Android 2.3.3+

It turns automatically the screen off when you put your phone into your pocket or onto a table. And turns the screen on when you take it out or up.
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Gif Player - OmniGif Pro v3.3.6.3
Gif Player - OmniGif Pro v3.3.6.3 | 3,95 MB
Requirements: Android 4.1+

OmniGIF now supports APNG (Animated Portable Network Graphics) format. Your first professional Android APNG animation player is ready now, please enable PNG browsing in preference settings. With 24bit true color and alpha blending support, you can watch the most magnificent animation now.
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Gentle Wakeup Pro Alarm Clock v1.6.2
Gentle Wakeup Pro Alarm Clock v1.6.2 | 16,4 MB
Requirements: Android 4.1+

Wake up gently and refreshed every day. Turn your device into a sunrise simulator and wake up naturally by light. Light leads to biological processes in the body leaving the deep sleep phase and preparing for wake up. You will have complete control over the wake up process. Start the sunrise 20 minutes before your desired wake-up time and define your personal brightness level at the end. Add slowly increasing sounds of birds twittering and add a device vibration as a backup 5 min after wake up time. Enjoy a nice weather show before you get out of bed.
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File Manager v1.9.3 (Premium)
File Manager v1.9.3 (Premium) | 4,5 MB
Requirements: Android - varies with device
File Manager is a Holo-themed file manager and application explorer crafted for Android phones and tablets.
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English Verb Conjugator Pro v3.2.0
English Verb Conjugator Pro v3.2.0 | 10,4 MB
Requirements: Android 4.0 and up

View almost 2000 English verbs in 20 tenses. With simple navigation and built in search, you can find the verb you need in seconds.
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Dives - Icon Pack v6.7.0
Dives - Icon Pack v6.7.0 | 43,7 MB
Requirements: Android 4.0.3+

Dives is circle material icon pack created based on material design guides. Very different, with nice palette of colors, spiced with shadows. Visual expression at maximum. Simple, bold and materialized!
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Camera360 - Photo Editor v8.3 b878
Camera360 - Photo Editor v8.3 b878 | 54,9 MB
Requirements: Android varies with device

With over 100,000,000 users globally, Camera360 has become the most popular mobile camera app in the world. Together with HelloCamera, Movie360, and Pink360, Camera360 provides a comprehensive suite of professional yet fun mobile photography options.
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