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Tomb Raider 2013 Game of The Year Edition Repack by Joker_RETURNS (PC-ENG-2013)
English | PC | 2013 | 7.35 GB
Genre: Action TPS

Tomb Raider - one of the brightest projects spring 2013, marking the revival of the well-known cycle of video games about the adventures of treasure hunter Lara Croft, which traces its history to 1996. game tells about the way to becoming a famous heroine, revealing its nature and allowing to trace the evolution of her personality . This is a truly adult permeated psychological story that keeps the tension until the very end.

Rapid fight with the enemies - and melee, and the use of weapons, the ability to use the shelter, interesting puzzles, the need to study the natural world, as well as role-playing elements aimed at development capabilities heroine - Tomb Raider gameplay is diverse and fascinating.
first time in history a series of Tomb Raider game in multiplayer mode is implemented. Split into teams, players can compete in agility and accuracy. Sharpness and unusual gameplay will give the opportunity to use a variety of weapons in addition to the trap.

" Lara Croft returns as a completely new character - her story has just begun.
" To survive on the island Yamatay, Lara will discover a side of such nature, the existence of which she had no idea.
" Realistic battle system, huge gaming space, elegant puzzle and dark secrets.
" Various modes allow network play and colleagues Lara and her enemies.

Release Information:
? Removed all languages except Dutch and English and bonus stuff
? Audio quality is 100%
? Video quality is 100%
? Exclusive installer
? Game Version: 1.01.748.0
? Installation of additional Softw (DirectX, Visual C++, PhysX, FX4)
? Start the game through the shortcut on the desktop or the Start menu
? Installation requires 512 MB of RAM
? Install time: ~30 minutes (For a Quad-Core mobile, depends on speed of the computer)
? Game based on Tomb Raider: Game of the Year Edition ENG|MUL Ti13) [Steam-Rip] by RG Origins
Included DLC: - Multiplayer Map Pack 1939
- Agency SPS 12 Gun
- Agility Skill
- Animal Instinct Skill
- Aviatrix Skin
- Caves and Cliffs Multiplayer Map Pack
- Demolition Skin
- Fisherman Character
- Guerilla Skin
- Headshot Reticle Skill
- Hunter Skin
- HX 15 AP-Gun
- JAGD P22G Gun
- 12ga M590 Gun
" Mountaineer Skin
" Pistol Burst upgrage
" Pistol Silencer Upgrade
" Scavenger Bandit Character
" Scavenger Character Executioner
" Scavenger Scout Character
" Shanty Town Map
" Multiplayer Map Pack Shipwrecked
" Silverballer Gun
" STG 58 Elite Gun
" Sure- Skin shot
" Lost Tomb of Singleplayer Map Adventurer
? Everything is already set up and packed in the installer.
? Game archives are not touched
? Repacked by: Joker_RETURNS {Release Group MoMuGa} [DAKU RG]

2. Disable Anti-Virus before installation
3. Open Setup.exe
4. Follow Instructions
5. Install additional softwares
6. Install Game
7. Play the game using the desktop shortcut
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