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397 Ways To Save Money

397 Ways To Save Money
By Kerry Taylor
2009 | 213 Pages | ISBN: 1554685834 , ASIN: B00563LBRW | EPUB | 6 MB

amilies are always looking for simple and effective ways to stretch their household budgets. In tight times, finding extra dollars in unexpected places is even more important. Packed with ideas, information, tips and tricks that range from longterm savings to instant cash in your pocket, 397 Ways to Save Money makes budgeted living easy -- and even fun.
Written by an average Canadian whose frugal ways have saved her thousands, this accessible guide offers saving savvy that you dont need to be a financial planner to understand. By looking in every corner of every room in your house, from the kitchen to the closet, and by considering the needs of every member of your family, from your toddler to your dog, 397 Ways to Save Money will help you find thousands of dollars in savings.
3 Quick Ways to Save
Raise your homeowner insurance deductibles from 250 to 500 -- youll save up to 15 percent on your premiums immediately and more in the long run because making fewer small claims helps keep your premiums from increasing.
Brush your dogs teeth -- it sounds like a silly task, but dental cleanings at the vet can cost between 200 and 500. Pick up a toothbrush and toothpaste at your pet store, and brush up those savings.
Watch those drinks! Eating out with the family is much cheaper if everyone orders water. Adding three or four chocolate milks or Cokes to the bill can easily boost the cost by 10. Forgo your beer or glass of wine and save even more.

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